MySky announces integration with myairops

posted on 26th May 2022 by Eddie Saunders
MySky announces integration with myairops

MySky, the global technology company specializing in financial solutions for aircraft owners and operators, is announcing its integration with business aviation operations software specialist myairops to provide a more complete picture of running costs for charter companies and operators.

With the integration of MySky’s technology, operators and charter companies that use myairops will now be able to digitalize invoicing for faster verification and payment, customize budgets and KPIs, and access MySky’s global benchmarking tools.

These new features will be hosted in a centralized calendar that automatically uploads the cost data and analysis of each scheduled or past flight in real-time, giving myairops customers oversight of all their costs.

Christopher Marich, co-founder of MySky says: “We’ve found a like-minded partner in myairops with a shared ambition of innovation to shift our industry toward harnessing the strengths of data-informed decision making.

“Integrating cost data analysis capability on each level of operation is a crucial step in putting this ambition into practice on a wider scale.

“The key benefit of this integration lies in its communicative exchange of data.

“Pricing data will be accessible for any type of cost across flight operations managed by myairops, while MySky algorithms will learn from myairops’ scheduling data to offer more accurate budgeting predictions for customers.”

Tim Ford, director of technology and of myairops, adds: “We are very excited to be working with MySky to offer further capabilities to our customers which augment our powerful quotation tools that are already in use, allowing our users to gain greater insight on their costs to better inform their competitiveness and performance.

“There is so much value to be gained with this integration, so we’re really looking forward to seeing the impact this improvement in efficiency and strategy will have in helping our customers grow.”