Medical Air Global trends research study released

posted on 14th May 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Medical Air Global trends research study released

Cost, Turnaround/Delivery Time, and Certifications are the areas that have the biggest discrepancy between importance and satisfaction throughout the industry.

“Understanding air medical and patient transport crews’ needs has made Spectrum Aeromed synonymous with air life support solutions,” said Chad Kost, President, Spectrum Aeromed.

“We know that those needs are always evolving, and it’s our job to continue to come up with improved solutions.

“This customer feedback gives us valuable insight into where the industry is headed and how we can continue to support our clients in the best way possible.”

Spectrum Aeromed’s research study comes as the company prepares to expand its product line to address customer pain points identified in the research. 

Based on feedback from decision-makers in all markets studied, the company ranked statistically higher in five key areas:

1. Providing Full Turnkey Solutions,

2. Multi-Mission/Speed of Conversion,

3. Customer Service and Ongoing Support,

4. Training and Ease of Use,

5. Industry reputation and Expertise.

“Also included in the study were new, exciting product options that received a great deal of interest from the survey participants. More information will be forthcoming,” said Kost.