Major Business Aviation Stakeholders Establish CleanFlying Coalition

posted on 28th July 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Major Business Aviation Stakeholders Establish CleanFlying Coalition

FlightAware has announced the formation of the CleanFlying coalition, a not-for-profit group of private aviation stakeholders who are committed to promoting and implementing best health practices in the post Covid-19 era for the safety of the passengers. Founding members include:Atlantic Aviation, FlightAware, FlightSafety International, ForeFlight, Global Appearance Partners, Go Rentals, Keystone Aviation, SIMCOM, and TAC Air.

The CleanFlying coalition was formed by FlightAware with a focus on sharing health safety measures undertaken by the business aviation community that will help drive demand and utilization of private aviation.

“Atlantic is proud to be a member of the CleanFlying coalition. Our commitment to safety includes the health and wellbeing of each passenger, crewmember, and employee in each of our locations. We are dedicated to ensuring we are doing our part to keep Business Aviation a safe travel experience.” Sue Sommers, Atlantic Aviation Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing.

“This coalition addresses the need of the business aviation passengers who need reassurance that the organizations supporting their flight operations are committed to their health and safety. From the FBO staff, to caterers, to the pilots on board, and everyone in between, sharing that you’re a member of this coalition will give travelers and flight departments confidence that the company is committed to a clean and safe flying experience.” Daniel Baker, FlightAware CEO.

“FlightSafety is pleased to be a member of this important coalition. The health and safety of our customers and teammates while at our facilities is of paramount importance. We are taking all necessary precautions to mitigate the spread of the virus and continue to evaluate and introduce additional protocols that strengthen our ongoing measures. We appreciate the support and understanding of our customers over the past few months as together we have been dealing with the challenges of the COVID-19 virus.” Brad Thress, FlightSafety International President and CEO.

“ForeFlight is proud to support this critical initiative and excited that ForeFlight’s technology like fuel releases in JetFuelX can yield contactless transactions that prevent the spread of COVID-19.” Tyson Weihs, ForeFlight Co-founder and CEO.

“Global Appearance Partners is proud to be partnering with the CleanFlying coalition highlighting the important steps being taken in our industry to keep passengers and crews safe. Our mission every day is to make aircraft cleaning easy and accessible nationwide, and we are thankful that CleanFlying asked us to partner with them so that we can bring awareness and cleaning services to anyone operating an aircraft, especially during these challenging times.”Jared Wolf, Global Appearance Partners Executive Vice President

“Go Rentals is thrilled to be a participating partner of the CleanFlying Coalition.  For the past 25 years, we remain committed to providing every guest a hygienically detailed and sanitized rental vehicle at all of our locations nationwide.  In today’s world, it is paramount we continue to eliminate exposure by amplifying and evolving our processes so we can offer the right kind of service. Our team members, our crew and our passengers’ health are vital to the continued growth of the general aviation industry.” Kaye Gitibin, Go Rentals CEO.