L’VOYAGE ushers expansion with new shareholder and CEO Jolie Howard

posted on 9th March 2021 by Eddie Saunders
L'VOYAGE ushers expansion with new shareholder and CEO Jolie Howard

“As the homegrown seeds of the Asian business aviation industry, both Diana and I have helped forge the industry’s tremendous growth over the years,” says Jolie Howard, CEO of L’VOYAGE.

“Compared with some of the foreign or overseas players that have come and gone over the last two decades, we have had the privilege to stay and nurture the industry, and encourage local market development all this time. In this new, post-covid market that the industry is now entering, we are well-positioned to serve the influx of new buyers and customers who are considering and utilizing business jets as their new private travel method of choice.

“We are also investing in new technologies, including proprietary software solutions that would augment our services so that we can lead in providing safe, transparent, legal, and sound charter services — as all business aviation services should be. I look forward to continuing the expansion of L’VOYAGE in redefining the industry.”