LunaJet first to earn ARGUS broker rating outside US

posted on 4th June 2018 by Omar
LunaJet first to earn ARGUS broker rating outside US

ARGUS International, Inc. is pleased to present LunaJets, the first charter broker outside the United States to earn the ARGUS Certified Charter Broker Rating, with the renewal of their certified rating at the 2018 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Being the first and only charter broker in Switzerland to earn the Certified Charter Broker Rating, LunaJets has repeatedly shown their commitment to higher levels of professionalism in the Charter Broker industry,” said Joe Moeggenberg, President and CEO of ARGUS International, Inc.

“ARGUS International is extremely pleased to present the renewal of the ARGUS Certified Charter Broker Rating to LunaJets.”

As the most recognized and trusted source of information on the charter business around the world, the ARGUS Charter Broker Program raises the bar to meet the high expectations and due diligence requirements of charter consumers and commercial aircraft operators.

Although there are many charter brokers in the industry, only the finest can qualify as an ARGUS Rated Charter Broker.

“We are extremely happy and proud to have retained in the past two years the highest professional standards, that the first certification pushed us to attain. Working with these standards on a day-to-day basis, has now become customary for the whole team, and is seamlessly integrated in our processes,” said Eymeric Segard, the President and CEO of LunaJets.

The end benefit for our clientele is evident (40% growth p.a.), and many have testified an increase level of trust and service since achieving our certification. In fact, we even found a few ARGUS key requirements that we are now able to improve and exceed to even better coordinate with our partner operators, and to enhance the experience of our passengers.”