Liege Airport to develop new business aviation centre with ASL

posted on 13th May 2019 by William Hayes
Liege Airport to develop new business aviation centre with ASL

Liege Airport has signed a contract with the Belgian private jet company ASL for the construction and operation of a business aviation terminal and hangar, as well as the exclusive provision of ground handling services for all business flights operating at Liege Airport.

The contract is focused on two main areas of collaboration, the first being the construction of an apron, a terminal and a hangar exclusively dedicated to business aviation. Depending on the project’s success, the contract also offers the possibility for ASL to build further hangars around the new apron in the coming years.

The second key focus is the provision of ground handling and maintenance services for business and private flights operating from and to Liege Airport. An FBO (Fixed Base Operator) certificate enables ASL to offer business aviation customers different handling services, such as parking aircraft, supply of fuel and work areas or lounges.

Construction of the apron is expected to be completed in May 2019. Construction of the general aviation terminal and the ASL hangar will begin in late summer 2019, with the inauguration planned for the summer of 2020.

CEO of ASL Group, Philippe Bodson, said the venture was important to his company for multiple reasons: “On the one hand, it is a very symbolic project for our company, whose full name is Air Service Liege.

“And this is also a very important economic project for us and for our Liege Airport partners. We want to make Liege a modern and exemplary hub for business aviation in Europe.”

Luc Partoune, CEO of Liege Airport, said the project reflects Liege’s socio-economic environment: “The advantages of this new terminal will be speed, discretion and flexibility. The business aviation centre will be directly connected with the motorway and will allow entrepreneurs, executives and investors to move around quickly.”