Liberty Partners and SmartSky Networks Drive Advancements in Business Aviation Connectivity

posted on 1st September 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Liberty Partners and SmartSky Networks Drive Advancements in Business Aviation Connectivity

Liberty Partners, experts in wireless connectivity, engineering, and aircraft modification and SmartSky Networks, the leading provider of inflight ATG connectivity for business aviation, recently advanced connectivity for Business Aviation with the completion of the Cessna Citation X series STC for the installation of SmartSky’s hardware.

The August 12th milestone is one in a long string of successes for the Liberty Partners and SmartSky partnership that includes support for four STCs to date, engineering services, and installation kit manufacturing.

Working together, the companies are bringing advanced ATG connectivity to increasingly more business aircraft.

“The Liberty Partners team has been with us every step of the way,” stated Darren Emery, SmartSky VP Customer Operations,

“They have been a pivotal part of our team by helping to support our product FAA certifications, and engineering and certification solutions for installation of the SmartSky system across a range of airframes for our next generation ATG solution.

“With their engineering and manufacturing resources and expertise, they are a tremendous asset to our MRO partners and customers as well.”

Apart from the STC milestones, Liberty Partners has played a significant role for the past several years in bringing SmartSky to market.

The provider of aircraft modifications since 2003 is known for their ingenuity and offering an all-inclusive hub for aircraft owners and companies.

Their capabilities encompass generating all certification data, fabricating parts, and assemblies, performing required tests and inspections, and finally delivering a fully approved and certified part, ready to be installed in an aircraft.

Their breadth of capabilities is helping to deliver airborne connectivity that finally gives customers the experience they expect.

“Our partnership with SmartSky Networks allows us to showcase the full extent of our capabilities in bringing a game-changing connectivity service to more aircraft,” notes Aaron Duncan, Engineering and Certification Manager for Liberty Partners.

“From advising on designs, to completing certifications, and manufacturing parts for installation, the work with SmartSky exercises each part of a process that delivers a quality experience for our customers.”

With SmartSky achieving nationwide deployment of its network and strong interest from customers, it’s more important than ever to ensure STCs are available for installation of SmartSky’s hardware.

Aircraft owners, operators and MROs can trust Liberty Partners to develop first-of-type installation designs, fabricate parts and materials kits, and multiple-use FAA STCs