Lee Aerospace receives PMA approval for Beechjet CoolView windows

posted on 27th June 2019 by William Hayes
Lee Aerospace receives PMA approval for Beechjet CoolView windows

Aircraft window specialist Lee Aerospace has received parts manufacturing approval (PMA) for its CoolView windows on the side cockpit of Beechjet 400, 400A, and 400T aircraft.

The specialist windows reflect almost 63 percent of heat and reduce UV by up to 99 percent, doing so by providing a metallic barrier infused in the glass during production.

“The interest in CoolView has been overwhelming,” said said Joel Weber, Lee Aerospace Chief Engineer.

“I think as a follow-on to the previous PMA’s we have in the aftermarket, pilots and passengers alike are specifically asking for this technology on their aircraft which has given us a long list of projects to work on this year.”

The CoolView windows will be displayed at the EAA AirVenture show in Wisconsin next month, installed specially on a Beechcraft King Air C90.

The company will also be providing an aircraft window polishing service for attendees of the show, “the first year we are offering the window polishing services at Oshkosh,” said Aerospace CEO Jim Lee.

“We have taken Lee Aerospace through a number of phases over the past 30 years – from simple air gap windows, to laminated windows with complex curves and window assemblies,” said Lee.

“Now we are moving into some really exciting programs that incorporate our newest technology, not only in the cabin and side cockpit windows, but also in our upcoming forward-facing, heated glass programs—and CoolView will be an option on all of them.”