Latécoère and FlightPath3D partner to provide 4K Plug and Play 3D Flight Map

posted on 15th June 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Latécoère and FlightPath3D partner to provide 4K Plug and Play 3D Flight Map

The FlightPath3D and Latécoère partnership announced today sets a new standard of Flight Map application for corporate jet aviation with the launch of Smart LiFi Monitor, which includes FlightPath3D’s market-leading 3D moving map.

FlightPath3D President Duncan Jackson says, “We are delighted to be partnering with Latécoère on their unique premium Smart LiFi Monitor.

“As a leading provider of innovative systems to enhance the passenger experience and aiming to take the Inflight entertainment concept to another level, Latécoère deserves the most interactive, innovative and compelling map to complement this offering.”

Laurent Groux Director of Latécoère Systems Business Unit says, “The flight journey is captivating with our 4K Smart Lifi Monitors and FlightPath3D moving map.

“Augmented views and satellite imagery are crisp, clear and displayed with detailed visuals.

“FlightPath3D offers one of the most compelling and innovative 3D moving map experiences with customization potential from interest for corporate use.”

The Smart LiFi monitor technology was designed to be an easy plug and play solution.

It is a multi-technology smart 4K monitor that uses light to transmit data.

It can be interfaced with any IFE provider or can work standalone.

FlightPath3D’s moving map will be displayed on the Smart LiFi Monitor and will provide passengers detailed visuals of the aircraft in 360-degree views with flight progress and destination data.

High fidelity satellite imagery is broadcasted throughout bulkhead monitors and passenger devices.