Koury Aviation suing partner company over hangar rental

posted on 28th August 2018 by Omar

Source: Koury Aviation.

Koury Aviation, a charter company based in the US state of North Carolina, is taking legal action against one of its business partners, Causey Aviation Inc, due to dispute on hangar rental.

Koury Aviation has claimed, according to the Times News, that Causey stopped paying the company its share of rental income for a hangar jointly built by the two.

According to the report, the hangar was built around 21 years ago for a fee of $100,000.

Causey would reportedley rent space in the hangar also and would make payments to Koury, something which stopped leading to the lawsuit.

Koury is claiming that the inaction of payments constitutes fraud.

Causey Aviation stated that it was aware of the lawsuit but couldn’t comment.