KlasJet – From shifting sands to solid foundations

posted on 19th January 2021 by Eddie Saunders
KlasJet – From shifting sands to solid foundations

Adaptability as the counter to uncertainty

June saw a moderate increase in demand. However, last-minute flight uncertainty became another challenge to overcome. In order to meet that challenge, many processes were reviewed and improved. This rapid reaction served to highlight the team’s exceptional synergy and communication.

When the second wave hit, KlasJet were prepared and armed with lessons well learned. By adding a CRJ200 to the fleet in October, the company was equipped to meet the demands of small-group travel requests. Not only did KlasJet admirably display its adaptability, but that the company was already laying the foundations for a solid future.

KlasJet are continuously monitoring past practices, present operations, and future possibilities. The company is constantly in a state of review of its internal procedures and processes, and the redesign of document distribution and management systems.

As another example of the shifting sands, KlasJet applied to the CAA for approval to extend operational limits, allowing flights to land in lower visibility conditions (CAT3). The company also implemented the Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS), designed to optimize work schedules for flight crews.

The foundations have been laid for a bright future

With the arrival of several COVID-19 vaccinations on the market, there is hope for the imminent recovery of the VIP flight sector. KlasJet is already prepared for this day, and is poised to tackle each and every new obstacle which is likely to arise.

In the 4th quarter of 2020, business jet usage was expected to rebound by 80% – 85% of 2019 levels. In addition, it is estimated that the sector will fully rebound in the latter half of 2021.

Additionally, safe in the knowledge that long-distance flights are unlikely to disappear in the near future, this presents KlasJet with even more opportunities in 2021, and beyond.

If a year of shifting sands could be best summarized succinctly – how the company has met every challenge, and set in place the foundations for a prosperous future – it would be in the words of KlasJet CEO, Rita Domkute.

I am heartened that the KlasJet Team was never unnerved by the pandemic situation which threatened to upend the entire aviation industry. They had the faith and courage to overcome the difficulties which arose one by one, and displayed their capabilities in adapting, learning, and preparing for the future. During this challenging time, we remained committed to ensuring our future success. In addition, we consolidated this commitment with the appointment of some of the leading industry experts to our continuously growing team. We have proven that we are not just adaptable in the present, but are also well prepared to lay the solid foundations on which our future is being built.”