KlasJet – From shifting sands to solid foundations

posted on 19th January 2021 by Eddie Saunders
KlasJet – From shifting sands to solid foundations

With this forward-thinking initiative, it was possible to urgently steer the group’s companies on a strategically corrected course. This freethinking efficiency allowed KlasJet to map a steady and calculated path forward.

Responding swiftly to challenges

From the onset of the crisis, it was apparent that adaptability and response times would be the keys to success. Everything was no longer standard, and each emerging situation required its own unique solution.

There were many hard battles fought. Protracted negotiations, urgent re-routings, constantly shifting schedules, last minute flight permit clearances, evolving safety and security concerns to be overcome, but each new challenge for KlasJet was met with professionalism and clearly defined goals. 

Every victory, no matter how small – along with the many accolades of satisfied customers – proved to be the real rewards and the proof of KlasJet’s success during uncertain times.

Necessity is the mother of invention

April and May witnessed a complete transformation in the aviation business. The environment changed dramatically as countries rolled from lockdown to lockdown. Group travel practically evaporated overnight. However, in its place another flight phenomenon was born; repatriation flights for stranded travelers.

KlasJet displayed its unique market advantage by applying creative solutions to complex problems, while adhering to aviation regulatory requirements. Using a mix of ingenuity and experience, KlasJet repatriated throngs of stranded travellers from Alicante to Dalian, Manila to Dubai, and Moscow to Karachi.

New horizons and new possibilities

The month of May saw KlasJet’s introduction of a Boeing 737-300 Cargo to the fleet, heralding a departure into new possibilities.

Along with its expertise in VIP flight management, KlasJet was acutely aware of the increased demand in cargo services. With a whole raft of new rules and procedures to overcome, the learning curve was steep, but not beyond the capabilities of a highly experienced team.

  • Securely transporting gold bars worth EUR 9M between Doha (Qatar) and Bamako (Mali).
  • Dangerous goods transport from Iraq to Finland as requested by the Finnish Army. This included obtaining overflight permits from 6 countries, including special exemption rights from the CAA.
  • Cargos also included; medical marijuana, unhatched eggs, day-old chicks, and humanitarian aid for Kuwait and Armenia.