King Air Entry Door LED Light Earns PMA Approval

posted on 3rd January 2023 by Eddie Saunders
King Air Entry Door LED Light Earns PMA Approval

PWI announces FAA PMA approval for the LED Entry Door Light for Beechcraft King Air 200, B200/250, 300, B300/350 twin turboprops.

When the passenger cabin door is lowered, this LED light illuminates the ground below the door.

Mounted between the engine and the fuselage under the pilot side wing, this LED provides passengers with a well-lit entry to the aircraft.

The Entry Door LED light replaces these incandescent bulb products: MS24513-4174, A4174-24 and M6363/3-1.

The PWI LED Door Entry Light features the correct bayonet socket for a true plug-and-play direct replacement installation, without aircraft mods.

PWI LED Entry Door Light for Beechcraft King Air turboprops PWI Part Number: 7310009-001

Robi Lorik, PWI CEO and President, stated, “King Air owners and operators, regardless of mission, will benefit from this exterior LED light upgrade.

“As we all know, the passenger experience begins before boarding and our LED sets the tone for a pleasant flight.

“In addition to charter and business missions, cargo and airmed operators will also appreciate the brighter light for loading patients, cargo and equipment, without running the engines.

“Of course, this light upgrade features the long life and lower power draw that is the hallmark of all PWI LEDs”.

Aircraft Approvals
Beechcraft King Air 200 series, B200/250 series, 300 series and B300/350 series.
There is no Door Entry Light on the King Air 90.
PMA PQ4159CE, Supplement 22

“2022 for PWI has set records for sales and new product announcements,” Lorik stated.

“Our most recent initiatives including the addition of resellers, dealers and global distribution partners, a new company logo and elevated product development, PWI’s leadership in general aviation.”