JSX Adds Third Texas Destination

posted on 27th November 2020 by Parveen Raja
JSX Adds Third Texas Destination

This city is an interesting add for this carrier, as it has never flown to this type of airport before. The airport code for this destination doesn’t even have three letters, but instead numbers and letters: T89. The reason for this is that the airport is privately owned.

AirlineGeeks sat down with Lajitas Airport Manger Drew Thomann to discuss the new JSX service to the airport.

AirlineGeeks (AG): How often will the JSX flights operate?

Drew Thomann (DT): Looking at our schedule for 2021, we are averaging about seven a month.

(AG): Seven a month, is that seven to both Dallas and Houston or a mixture of the two?

(DT): The seven a month is mixed between both Dallas and Houston.

(AG): Do you expect more airline or charter service like this to begin in the near future?

(DT): We are at our limit, as far as the accommodations quantity wise at the resort. I think it will continue to grow, but the resort is going to have to grow with it.

(AG): You just mentioned the resort, is the airport on the site of the resort and is it owned by it?

(DT): Yes, the airport is owned by the Lajitas Golf Resort, and it’s on Lajitas property. Lajitas Golf Resort owns 27,000-acres, the golf resort is located on the southwestern border of the property, and [Lajitas Airport is located] on the northeastern part of the property. So they’re about five miles apart, but they are all on the same property.

(AG): When was the last time a scheduled airline or charter service operated flights to Lajitas Airport?

(DT): They’ve been doing it for years already. We’re just switching to a new operator is all.

(AG): So what airline or company was operating flights before JSX?

(DT): RVR is the name of the company. In the past we’ve also had Western Airways and Meregrass.

(AG): So scheduled service to Houston and Dallas isn’t unheard of for your airport?

(DT): No, absolutely not.

(AG): Where will the flights operate out of at your airport?

(DT): They will operate out of our [fixed-based operator] (FBO) building at the airport. Passengers will also be able to wait for the shuttle there as well.

(AG): What type of airport is Lajitas?

(DT): We are privately owned, opened to the public. We don’t receive any government funding, we’re just an independent FBO.