Large Charter Operators Select Stellar Labs for Quoting

posted on 27th February 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Large Charter Operators Select Stellar Labs for Quoting

Stellar Labs today announced multiple large operators, including Journey Aviation, Mountain Aviation and Pentastar Aviation, have agreed to utilize Stellar’s quoting solution and enter their aircraft into the Stellar Marketplace. These companies join a growing list of operators who have signed onto the platform.

We had been monitoring Stellar for some time and were impressed with the innovation and advancements made in both the Stellar Quoting application and the Stellar Marketplace,” said Journey Aviation’s CEO, Fabian Bello.

Stellar worked hand-in-hand with us to ensure we had the features necessary to run our business. We’re excited to conduct off-fleet sourcing transactions on the marketplace and have more powerful, streamlined processes.”

Our goal with Journey Aviation, as with every partner, was to overcome operational bottlenecks and assist in sourcing off-fleet aircraft from other operators,” said Stellar’s Founder and CEO, David Fox.

We’re thrilled to have achieved our goal and add Journey, Mountain and Pentastar Aviation to the list of operators already utilizing Stellar’s solutions.”

The Stellar Marketplace is an independent, business-to-business, online exchange for business aviation. Trusted partners come together to conduct off-fleet sourcing transactions.