JetSupport and LISA Group form a long-term partnership

posted on 7th February 2020 by Eddie Saunders
JetSupport and LISA Group form a long-term partnership

Business aviation will soon be able to access valuable maintenance data remotely. Using a unified portal powered by LISA’s GIGA Hub and through deployment of self-learning algorithms, JetSupport will be able to download and analyze fault data remotely and securely. This will ultimately facilitate accurate fault isolation and help define corrective actions ahead of maintenance inputs. ‘’This will result in increased aircraft availability along with more precise and flexible planning.” – Martin Elfferich – COO of JetSupport said

LISA Deutschland GmbH, an artificial intelligence – American originated start-up, announced that it is partnering with JetSupport, for advanced artificial intelligence solutions and capabilities in business aviation. This is not the first contract between LISA and JetSupport.

JetSupport BV is a successful MRO which has significantly reduced downtimes and extended opening hours in order to enhance customer convenience. It is therefore the ultimate tool to further realize JetSupport’s vision:

“We will not stop innovating until we have mastered the art of securing availability of aircraft in an environment that is inspiring, fun and satisfying for our employees, customers and primary stakeholders.”

In this partnership, RFID controlled tooling, active 3D scanning, and augmented reality in hangar planning are targeted for use in Sep 2020.

The cross customer solutions will leverage each of the customers’ expectations in an application, allowing them to manage their maintenance requirements with a smartphone or web application – the aim is to improve customer convenience and provide them with full control at their fingertips.” Elfferich said.

Ali Baghchehsara, Managing Director of LISA Deutschland saidThis partnership with JetSupport is a world first, encompassing the major skills needed by the MRO. Our systems are based on selflearning algorithms and developments. They run very well with current applications, so we are on a fast track to transform JetSupport to digital. A lot of work, a lot of challenges, but we are overcoming a lot of them as well’’