JetClub flies into a sustainable future with ‘eFlyer 800’ electric aircraft

posted on 28th June 2021 by Eddie Saunders
JetClub flies into a sustainable future with ‘eFlyer 800’ electric aircraft

Europe’s first light jet fractional ownership brand, JetClub, has confirmed the addition of the Bye Aerospace electric eFlyer 800 to its fleet, marking a momentous milestone in sustainability for the aviation, travel and tourism industries.

An 8-seat, all electric, twin turboprop aircraft, the eFlyer 800 paves the way for the future of aviation by offering a more innovative and sustainable mode of travel.

With businesses prioritising responsible travel more than ever, this all-electric option is a great solution for sustainable tourism and helps to reconcile essential business travel concerns about climate change.

JetClub CEO & Co-Founder, Vishal Hiremath commented: “Sustainability is a core pillar of the JetClub and Jet It philosophy.

“Innovation in this context aligns with our future vision for the group, which is toward resilient, zero emission and affordable private travel.

“While private aviation contributes only 0.04% of global emissions, we are working towards zero percent.

“The past two years of exponential growth of the brand in the US has shown us that business travel is essential to protect jobs and economies, but not at the expense of the environment.

“As passionate aviators, we are excited about finding solutions for the future of aviation.

“With the addition of the eFlyer 800 to our fleet, we take a leap forward in our sustainability goals.”

Slated to be in operation by 2025, the eFlyer’s configuration consists of up to seven passengers and one or two pilots.

The eFlyer 800 will have only one-fifth the operating costs of traditional twin turboprops and is geared for the air-taxi, air-cargo, regional and charter aircraft markets.  

Key features of the eFlyer 800 include up to 320 knots cruise speed, 35,000 feet ceiling and 500 nm range with 45-minute IFR reserves.

George Bye, Founder and CEO of Bye Aerospace commented: “We have developed an aircraft that meets the needs of our growing global population without compromising the environment. Innovation exists to serve humanity and the planet, and we believe that electric flight is a meaningful step forward in aviation sustainability.

“Through the partnership with JetClub, we look forward to rolling out electric flight in Europe and Asia.”