JetClass creates ‘Flightpooling’ zero profit initiative to make urgent travel possible

posted on 11th May 2020 by Eddie Saunders
JetClass creates 'Flightpooling' zero profit initiative to make urgent travel possible

JetClass, the private business airline, headquartered out of Vienna, Austria, has today announced the launch of ‘Flightpooling’, a flexible, safe and cost-effective flight-sharing programme designed to provide urgent travel assistance to people the world over.  

This not-for-profit initiative has been launched in response to the countless people struggling globally to travel, due to the total suspension, or vast reductions in operations by the world’s major airlines in the face of COVID-19.  JetClass, being in the private aviation space, was quick to appreciate just how few people can afford a full private jet charter, and consequently created ‘Flightpooling’, a middle ground between expensive charters and unavailable scheduled flights. 

With many people indefinitely stranded in their current location and unable to return home or to be reunited with their loved ones, compounded by daily changes to the situation in each country, this is creating a great deal of distress, anxiety and confusion.  ‘Flightpooling by JetClass’ provides a much-needed solution to this widespread problem, offering flights to any city with open borders, and up-to-date information and advice on entry and quarantine requirements for each destination market.  Individuals are simply requested to start subscribing or creating their list of required flights online, and JetClass will take if from there, making the necessary arrangements once a critical mass has been reached.  The costs borne by the company to run each flight will simply be passed on and divided equally among the onboard passengers, with no margin added.