Jet It has selected Bluetail’s Digital Records platform

posted on 15th March 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Jet It has selected Bluetail's Digital Records platform

Bluetail, the leading modern aircraft records platform for business aviation, today announced that the company had been selected by Jet It to digitize all operational and maintenance logs for the hybrid fractional ownership provider’s growing fleet.

“Jet It has already established itself as an extremely forward-looking company that’s being built on providing efficient and cost-effective private jet transportation to a growing list of companies and individuals,” Stuart Illian, Bluetail co-founder, said.

“We are extremely honored that they have put their trust in Bluetail’s solution.”

“Today, more than ever, fractional aircraft ownership is a highly-competitive business,” stated Glenn Gonzales, CEO, and co-founder, Jet It.

“In order to stay on top, we have to deliver the highest level of services while keeping our rates and costs under control”.

“Between our growing number of new HondaJets, and an established fleet of legacy Gulfstream 150 mid-size business jets, we have thousands of pages of maintenance information contained in countless paper logbooks,” he added.

“Having all of that information digital, searchable and sharable, anywhere in the world by Bluetail will enable our mechanics to perform inspections and maintenance faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

“Those are savings we can pass along to our customers.”

Fast growing Jet It selects Bluetail’s modern aircraft records platform.

“One of the first things Glenn (Gonzales) asked me was how we quantify the ways Bluetail will positively impact their operation’s bottom line,” Illian added.

“Showing him how we save time and money, minimize downtime, and provide trend spotting across the entire fleet during maintenance events was a major key to our partnership.”