Jet Aviation supports Mission Aviation Fellowship of Switzerland with decommissioned hydroplane exhibit

posted on 28th May 2019 by William Hayes
Jet Aviation supports Mission Aviation Fellowship of Switzerland with decommissioned hydroplane exhibit

Jet Aviation recently supported the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) of Switzerland in bringing a decommissioned Cessna 185 to exhibit at the Transport Museum in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The business aviation company provided 10 apprentices to work pro bono on the historic aircraft at their MRO and Completions centre in Basel, preparing it for display at the Swiss Flight II (Die Schweiz fliegt weiter) exhibition at the Transport Museum.

“It was really cool to work with the other apprentices on this project and put what we’ve learned into practice on such an old aircraft,” said Jannick Glaser, 3rd year Polymechanic Apprentice in Basel.

“I couldn’t help but think of all that this Cessna has seen and done over the years and I’m quite proud to be a part of that history.”

The MAF uses its planes for humanitarian relief and development in some of the world’s most remote locations and this Cessna 185 was no exception, logging more than 23,000 hours of aid missions in Borneo over 48 years.

The apprentices first cooperated with MAF personnel at the Jet Aviation’s MRO facility in Basel to help assemble and restore the aircraft. It was then transported to the museum, where they re-assembled the aircraft and installed it on the museum’s floating platform.

“It’s not common for apprentices to have the opportunity to work on small propeller aircraft,” said Lukas Dill, Director Quality & Aviation Security Basel and former MAF pilot.

“Coupled with the hydroplane’s humanitarian mission history, the experience really provides our young talent great insight to another fascinating field of the aviation industry.”

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) was founded by veterans shortly after World War II, with the aim of contributing to peace. Today, nearly 75 years later, 128 MAF aircraft are stationed across 26 countries to assist people in need. MAF Switzerland belongs to the leadership consortium of 16 member countries under the International non-profit organization. There are currently 23 pilots and aircraft mechanics from Switzerland who work for the MAF on an international basis.