Jet Aviation signs completions contract for Boeing 787

posted on 31st May 2018 by Alpha
Jet Aviation signs completions contract for Boeing 787

Jet Aviation has announced it has signed another Boeing 787 completions contract.

In 2015, Jet Aviation was the first company to take delivery of a B787-9 for interior completions.

Since 2013, Jet Aviation has dedicated significant research and development into carbon fiber aircraft such as the B787 to ensure it can offer customers world-leading expertise and equipment specifically formulated for the demands of a composite airframe.

With innovative proprietary technology, Jet Aviation can integrate a cabin onto a B787 without modifying the fuselage, avoiding time-consuming and costly repairs.

“We are delighted to receive our second B787 completion project into Basel,” says Neil Boyle, senior vice president global completions.

“Our commitment to research and development into the new generation composite airframes places us in an excellent position to create a finished interior that is truly VVIP and represents the latest in aviation technology for business aircraft.”

Jet Aviation has completed 28 Boeing aircraft since 1998.