Jet Aviation achieves IS-BAH qualification to ensure safety across US FBOs

posted on 12th January 2018 by Omar

Jet Aviation’s eight FBOs in the US have now qualified for Stage 1 registration to the IS-BAH™ Standard (International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling), joining the company’s 13 FBOs in EMEA and Asia.

David Paddock, senior vice president and general manager, Regional Operations USA, said this achievement clearly demonstrates Jet Aviation’s dedication to ensuring that all customers receive the maximum level of safe and secure ground-handling services at each of its FBOs (fixed base operation).

“Ever since the IS-BAH program was launched, our FBO teams across the US have been working to ensure that all of our processes meet IS-BAH standards,” Paddock said. “Completing Stage 1 certifications in the US, which complements our certifications throughout EMEA and Asia, demonstrates Jet Aviation’s commitment to serving our customers – no matter where they are.”