Winter 2021

issue 56

With private and VIP aviation continuing their upward trend, the industry has to a limited extent been able to meet face-to-face once again at gatherings including Air Charter Expo 21 at Biggin Hill, London, in September; the NBAA-BACE show in Las Vegas during October; and November’s Dubai Airshow.

Those events provided a forum for news, business and discussions about the future – which we now know will include the Bombardier Challenger 3500, a thorough modernisation of the super mid-size Challenger 350. Setting improvements to airframe, cabin, engines and systems aside, the Challenger 3500 has been designed with its lifetime environmental impact understood from day one, through an environmental product declaration, marking a commitment that it currently only shares with the Global 7500.

Gulfstream too has been busy, announcing the ultra-long range, Mach 0.925-capable G800 seemingly hot on the heels of the G700, which it expects to deliver for the first time in 2022. Continuing the close relationship forged over decades between the airframer and Rolls-Royce, the G800 promises an ultimate combination of speed and comfort for operators and owners looking to fly half a world away.

Yet still there are challenges to face, especially in terms of perception from outside the industry. In October and November, the UK hosted COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference. Business jets and head-of-state aircraft inevitably played an important role in bringing world leaders safely to Glasgow, Scotland, for the event and, perhaps equally inevitably, their presence generated a media storm.

Elements of the COP26 operation were certainly suboptimal from an aviation point of view, but when the media generates stories founded on ignorance, shouldn’t the industry respond with well-chosen facts? And an admission that yes, its aircraft do emit more carbon per passenger than an airliner, but that it is working hard to cut and ultimately eradicate those emissions? It seems we remain very good at telling one another what we do, but seldom reach out beyond the industry to inform others.

Our cover image for winter reflects upon a challenge the industry is no longer shy about: its efforts to become more diverse. The ladies are all members of the team at the San Marino Aircraft Registry, where President David Colindres is keen to continue encouraging women into the aviation industry.

In this edition we also meet the extraordinary Mohamed Hanno, Founder and Executive Chairman of the ASE Group, who reckons after almost 50 years in aviation that Jet A-1 rather than blood flows through his veins. In contrast, Neil Book, Chairman and CEO at JSSI, came to the industry in 2008 with no aviation experience at all, and is now hooked.

Hanno and Book are just two among the many passionate individuals we speak to this time around as we explore subjects as diverse as helicopter safety, charter apps, the benefits of a large cabin and the latest developments in the Venue cabin management system from Collins Aerospace.

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Featured in this issue

  • Managing the Variables

    Operating helicopters safely requires planning, careful risk assessment and constant vigilance. Starspeed’s Simon Mitchell, and Jonathan Turner from Maritime Aviation, provide an overview of off-air...

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  • The Ups and Downs of Success

    Providing ground handling and global flight support in Egypt, Morocco and the UAE, ASE Group’s dedicated teams serve the airline, freight and private/VIP aviation industries. Founder and Executive C...

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  • 20 Years with Textron

    Air Charter Scotland began operations with a Cessna fleet and has continued to operate Cessna models through its 20-year history. Derek Thomson, Commercial Director/Ground Operations Manager, describe...

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  • Capacity to Connect

    Inflight connectivity has never been more critical to business and VIP aviation, so EVA asked Inmarsat, Intelsat, OneWeb, SmartSky Networks, Viasat and Moment for their latest news and comment At t...

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  • Days of Honda

    Having proven its HondaJet fractional ownership programme with Jet It in North America, JetClub came to Europe with the same concept last June. Founder, Chairman and CEO Vishal Hiremath describes the ...

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  • Agusta – The New Brand in VIP Rotorcraft

    Leonardo Helicopters is highlighting its vision for VIP helicopters and future air mobility with new brand Agusta, the spectacular Casa Agusta rotorcraft terminal in Dubai and the AW609 tiltrotor L...

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  • DuPage Flight Center: Gateway to Chicago

    Located just one hour from the centre of Chicago, Illinois, DuPage Flight Center is a Phillips 66-branded FBO matching high-quality facilities with capacious ramp and hangar space. EVA spoke with Gene...

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  • The Sky is Not the Limit

    MySky is a spend management platform developed specifically for business aviation. But what does that really mean? We asked CEO and Co-founder Kirill Kim “I founded the company with my business p...

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  • The Place to Be

    Collins Aerospace has updated its Venue cabin management system with a new graphical user interface and other features, as Craig Bries, VP Sales, Marketing and Business Development, Avionics and Trac...

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  • Maintained & Measured

    Digital data collection and analysis may be revolutionising engine maintenance, but hands-on technical skills are as important as ever. Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Satheeshkumar Kumarasingam, and M...

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  • Large Cabin Comforts

    While a large-cabin, airliner-based jet will never match the outright speed of a purpose-designed aircraft, there are considerable benefits in comfort and living space to be had, as executives from Ca...

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  • Disciplined Expansion

    JSSI is adding products to its portfolio at pace, yet it remains resolutely not an aircraft owner or operator. Neil Book, Chairman and CEO, explains the company’s philosophy and reveals that back in...

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  • SMAR Angels – The Agile Leadership Team

    David Colindres is the President of the San Marino Aircraft Registry “SMAR” an organization that has been remarkably successful over the past decade. David runs a tight ship in all aspects of oper...

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  • APP-arently More

    Get Heli and TailHail, new app or web-based systems, are reinventing the way helicopters and private jets are chartered. We booked CEOs Laurent Vallet and James Moon for a discussion Many customers...

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