Winter 2020

issue 52

Unless there’s something important to say, some piece of carefully considered insight to share, I’ve always struggled with the editor’s comments, editorial, welcome, whatever you’d like to call it, at the beginning of a magazine. I believe the editor’s job is to collect and share the thoughts and experiences of other, wiser people.

Which leaves me with the problem of what to write here; honestly, I’d prefer another great photo of jet instead, but that’s not how it works. Looking back over this years’ editor’s comments, I see that in the Spring 2020 edition, the first of the year, I was very excited about the industry’s focus on sustainability.

The Summer editorial, written in the depths of the UK’s first coronavirus lockdown, inevitably spoke of industrywide challenges, but recorded a glimmer of hope as business aviation mobilised under the pandemic and continued as best it could with the normality of moving people securely, safely and discretely, at speed and over distance.

Which brings us to Autumn, where I bemoaned the necessary cancelling of trade shows and public air shows but did at least pass on a message from someone wise, Avfuel President and CEO Craig Sincock, whose simple advice, “Businesses just need to hang on tight,” is still relevant as we look towards 2021 and a continuation of the new beginning the industry seems to be experiencing.

The shoots of that new beginning, or restart, are emerging everywhere, not least with the announcement that Airbus Corporate Jets has launched its ACJ TwoTwenty. Benoit Defforge, President at ACJ and Richard Gaona, Executive Chairman & CEO at Comlux, share their thoughts on the project in this edition, which also provides a look at the Learjet 75 Liberty, the latest in an iconic line and the first Learjet with a name since the 1980s.

Depending on your preferred reading method, by now, Dassault has either rolled out or is about to roll out the Falcon 6X, the latest in another iconic line and one that Carlos Brana, Executive Vice President Civil Aircraft, Dassault Aviation enthuses about in this Winter 2020 edition.

Otherwise, we have contributions from people who fix, design, fuel, maintain, modify, operate and accommodate business aircraft, from the delightfully humble Pilatus PC-12 right up to the dramatically apparent Boing 787 Dreamliner. Given this diversity in one magazine, is it any wonder that business aviation is recovering faster than its commercial cousin?

By coincidence, earlier in this mid-November morning I spoke to Dave Connor, CEO of RVL Group, a UK company employing a fleet of turboprop twins on business charter, freight and special missions. A very busy man despite COVID-19, he counts himself fortunate to be in this sector of the aviation industry. I asked for his thoughts on how 2021 might work out and he responded, “I’m cautiously optimistic…”

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  • 6X: Falcon Redefined

    On 8 December 2020, just a few days after this Winter edition of EVA was completed, Dassault expected to roll out its all-new Falcon 6X. Carlos Brana, Executive Vice President Civil Aircraft, Dassault...

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  • Chris Moore: Data Broker

    These past few months, Satcom Direct has been busy building hardware, upgrading facilities and developing new services as Chris Moore, President Business Aviation, reveals When the Learjet 23, pred...

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  • Time for Tamarack

    Tamarack’s Active Winglets are remarkable for their apparent simplicity and the performance gains they enable. Nicholas Guida, Founder & CEO, explains their benefits as the company opens a new T...

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  • Save The Dead Dinosaurs!

    When sustainability is the issue there is always more to be done. Tom Parsons, Commercial Development Manager Low Carbon at Air bp, is very much on the global case This is another story about susta...

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  • Upbeat & Understandably Downhearted

    James Dillon-Godfray, Head of Business Development at London Oxford Airport, says the airfield is managing better than some through the pandemic, thanks to a strong summer and business diversity Sp...

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  • Xtra Large, Xtra Value, Xtraordinary Offer

    Between them, Benoit Defforge, President at ACJ, and Richard Gaona, Executive Chairman & CEO at Comlux, talk a convincing game for the dramatic new ACJ TwoTwenty Even after almost 25 years of w...

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  • In a League of its Own

    During many years of industry experience, Stuart Locke, General Manager, Aircraft Maintenance at Oriens Aviation, says he’s never seen an aircraft as reliable as the PC-12 Sometimes it’s a seri...

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  • International Gateway to Marrakech

    Frédéric Perez, Operations Director Swissport Executive Aviation Maroc took a guiding hand in creating the company’s brand-new Marrakech Menara FBO Swissport Executive Aviation opened a brand n...

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  • Liberty, the New Learjet Standard

    Bombardier’s recently released Learjet 75 Liberty is the latest in a long line of Learjets and also the first in a long time to carry a model name. Mischa Loeffler, Manager of Product Planning and S...

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  • Changing The Charter Landscape

    Kathy Leroy, VIP Charter Manager at Chapman Freeborn, looks at how the coronavirus pandemic is changing the landscape of private jet charter Responding swiftly to different demands from clients d...

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  • Parking Without the Pitfalls

    Parking an aircraft, placing it into storage for an extended period, requires careful consideration and a proper maintenance programme. Camber Aviation Management’s Tom Chatfield describes the steps...

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