issue 44

Before this year is out, the first owner of the world’s longest-ranged business jet, the Bombardier Global 7500, will have taken delivery of the new aircraft. And while the 7500 epitomises the extreme performance and technological achievement of the business, executive and VIP aviation industry, in this issue we show just a little of its expansive diversity.
AirX proudly operates a luxurious 100-seat A340, while Oriens Aviation took the opportunity to showcase the PC-12NG, aircraft very much at opposite ends of the business. Meanwhile, On Air Dining and Web Manuals demonstrate the broad spectrum of companies supporting the industry’s multiple and far-ranging needs.

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  • Evolution expanded: UAS International Trip Support

    Never content standing still, the past few months have been exceptionally busy – and rewarding – for the UAS International Trip Support team, led by Co-Owner/Founder and Executive President Mohamm...

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  • AirX Goes BIG!

    Malta-based AirX describes itself as ‘The most diversified airline in the world’, and with a fleet based on the Airbus A340-300, Boeing 737-500, Bombardier Challenger 850, Cessna Citation X and Em...

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  • Ringing the Changes

    Sameer Rehman talks Bell in the Middle East It would be flippant to suggest that Bell is back in the commercial, executive and VIP helicopter business, because it never left. But Bell’s military ...

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  •  Praetor: It’s all in the Name

    Predator: noun 1 an animal that naturally preys on others. 2 an armed, remotely piloted air system, or drone Praeton: doesn’t really mean anything Praetor: noun each of two ancient Roman magist...

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  • New Lines In Store

    Our mission is to make editing manuals very simple, while enabling organisations to maintain full control. We’re like a Microsoft Word, but calibrating documents in real time across all users. We’...

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  • Fuelling a Neutral Future

    While the basic principles of flight remain unchanged, the modern flying machine is technologically very far removed from the frail aeroplanes that took the first tentative flights at the beginning of...

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  • Bombardier’s Global Vision

    Bombardier’s mould-breaking Global 7500 reached a significant milestone on 28 September 2018, receiving its Transport Canada Type Certification after more than 2,700 hours of flight test. Perhaps mo...

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  • Fine Food for Flying

    During October, On Air Dining announced a new cooperation with Moët Hennessy and Victor. The inflight food specialist has created a series of dishes optimised to accompany a special, hand-picked sele...

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  • ProFlight Aviation Headset

    Known among aviators for its quality headsets, exemplified by the classic A20, and among audiophiles for its high-end audio systems, headphones and speakers, including the remarkable SoundWear Compani...

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  • Demonstrating Dylan

    Early in October, Biggin Hill, UK-based Pilatus distributor Oriens Aviation staged a spectacular demonstration of the PC-12NG’s capabilities. The object was to move seven people, including pilot and...

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