issue 34

Our cover story for this issue, features Richard Gaona, Chairman and CEO, Comlux, The Aviation Group. Comlux has been highly proactive in ensuring that both its sales and completions arms will have a solid pipeline of work for the coming few years.

This issue’s High Net Worth interview by Margie Goldsmith features the riveting story of the self-made New York restaurateur and artist Sheldon ‘Shelly’ Fireman.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

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Featured in this issue

  • Planning for the long game

     Anthony Harrington talks to Comlux, The Aviation Group, Chairman and CEO, Richard Gaona When Richard Gaona, Chairman and CEO of Comlux, The Aviation Group, joined the company eight years ago, th...

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  • Managed services – a winning concept

    EVA talks to Stephan Krainer, CEO, Primus Aircraft Management Solutions Stephan Krainer founded the Austrian company, Primus Aircraft Management Solutions, in 2010. “The business came from the ...

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  • Striving for excellence

     A conversation with Mark Kohler, Head of G500/G600 development, Gulfstream The roller coaster first quarter of 2016, where the major stock markets first fell like a stone then more than recovere...

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  • Be the best

    Mike Manning, Co-founder of Dallas Aeronautical Services, on being better than the competition There is one sure formula for growing a business year by year. It’s not rocket science. All you nee...

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  • Innovating to stay ahead

    Christophe Lapierre, Chief Commercial Officer at Luxaviation Group, talks about the company’s stunning new uniform redesign and about growing market share Despite the charter market shrinking by...

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  • Lust for life

     Margie Goldsmith interviews New York restauranteur and artist Sheldon ‘Shelly’ Fireman Sheldon ‘Shelly‘ Fireman, Founder, President and CEO of NYC’s Fireman Hospitality Group, is an ac...

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  • New model boost

     Sylvain Mariat of ACJC, on designing a concept super-first class cabin for commercial airlines A number of factors are coming together to create something of a squeeze on new orders in the compl...

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  • Time to push the nose down

     Rick Adams looks at new rules on unusual attitude training for pilots and the simulator versus ‘real air’ debate “An interesting thing about both the Colgan 3407 and Air France 447 events ...

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  • Keeping the pipeline full

     Eric Gillespie, Executive Vice President at Flying Colours, on the company’s Singapore venture Q: How is business, now that we are starting on the second quarter of 2016, and given that the fi...

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  • Engineered for success

     StandardAero President Marc McGowan on the company’s worldwide authorisation from Honeywell for the HTF7000 family of engines and its plans for its Netherlands facility In 2011 StandardAero cele...

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  • Remanufacturing is on a roll

    Jay Heublein, Executive Vice President at Nextant, on the company’s remanufacturing philosophy Q: Before he left, Sean McGeough, the former CEO, was talking about Nextant having identified anothe...

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  • Fractional flexibility

      PlaneSense, Inc’s George Antoniadis on the virtues of fractional ownership and the success of the light jets concept PlaneSense Inc, currently the third-largest fractional aircraft program...

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  • Time rolls on – with the 400XTi

    Time Air CEO Martin Prazsky on managing light jets in Europe and the demand for charter from European businesses Time Air opened its doors in December 2001, at a time when the world was still abso...

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  • Making the case for: light jets in Europe

    By Slobodan Vuckovic, founder and CEO, The business aviation industry in Europe employs some 160,000 highly skilled workers, generating around US$12.5 billion in annual revenues. Yet Euro...

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  • Designed for speed

    Design Q CEO Howard Guy on Design Q and the INAIRVATION consortium winning the contract to design Aerion’s AS2 supersonic jet. In November 2015 Aerion Corporation, which is now well advanced in ...

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  • Papering over the cracks?

    Anthony Harrington reflects on what the growing power and strength of China’s President Xi Jinping: the first ‘strong leader’ since Mao – might mean for business aviation When a determined ...

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