Spring 2022

issue 57

In the past two or three editions of Executive & VIP Aviation International I’ve commented on the continued transition from Covid pandemic to Covid compliance, noting how the world, at least as far as business aviation is concerned, was beginning to settle into a new normal. Sure, there have been ups and downs – the omicron crisis in Hong Kong among the latter – but on the whole the ups were outweighing the downs.

And then the world was faced with another crisis: a new, unthinkable and entirely man-made tragedy, staining our lives with an unjust war.
Yet commerce and industry continue against this history-making backdrop, as they must. Business aviation will inevitably continue playing its largely unsung role in making international deals happen, connecting people where no other means of connection exists, moving decision makers and leaders quickly and discreetly and, quite literally in some cases, saving lives.
This Spring edition of EVA includes a personal celebration of Avfuel president and CEO Craig Sincock, recently honoured with the 2022 Kenn Ricci Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur Award and inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation. Sincock’s life centres on family and aviation, as befits a living legend.

We also enjoy a candid conversation with ACJ President Benoit Defforge, where he reveals his enthusiasm for the ACJ TwoTwenty and plans to conquer the US, in the best possible way.
Elsewhere, we dip into the behind-the-scenes worlds of operations and charter, FBOs and fuel, including two very different companies: Jet Luxe, headquartered in Dubai, and Leviate Air Group, based in Dallas. We talk fuel with AEG and Avfuel, then discover the FBOs and facilities at five UK airports: London Biggin Hill, and the XLR Jet Centres at Birmingham, Bournemouth, Exeter and Liverpool.

Meanwhile, Castle & Cooke Aviation’s President Aviation Operations & Business Development, Tony Marlow, explains the company’s FBO and support offer at Van Nuys and Honolulu, while Interim OCC Manager Emilio Padilla Escoto reveals Manny Aviation’s expansive Mexican ground support operation.

This geographically diverse edition reflects the worldwide nature of business and VIP aviation. Ours is a niche industry with global reach and, I’d like to think, a global family – illustrated no better than through the fact that Kennedy Ricci (president of 4AIR, also featured this time around) is the son of Kenn Ricci, whose award Craig Sincock received. That spirit of family, of unity, has never been more important.

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Featured in this issue

  • A Lifetime of Achievement

    Avfuel president and CEO Craig Sincock has been honoured with the 2022 Kenn Ricci Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur Award and inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation. In a very personal interview he...

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  • Avfuel: Thoughts on Fuel

    Avfuel’s global presence and refinery-to-wing logistics combine with comprehensive loyalty and business packages to make it a leading fuel supplier Serving the global aviation industry, Avfuel al...

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  • ‘Leviated’ Service

    Expert in charter, aircraft sales and aircraft management, the team at Leviate Air Group is all about customer relationships and doing business the right way Leviate Air Group CEO and co-founder Lu...

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  • Opening Pandora’s cabinet

    Mélanie Prince is Head of Innovation at F/LIST, where she helps fuel the creativity of already innovative people, and explores the future of materials technology and sustainability After more than...

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  • A Job Very Well Done

    Castle & Cooke Aviation operates exclusive FBOs at Van Nuys and Honolulu airports, each delivering an enhanced level of customer service, as President Aviation Operations & Business Developmen...

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  • Changing the Game

    EVA caught up with Benoit Defforge, ACJ President, in effusive mood as he talked about his passion for aviation and belief in the ACJ TwoTwenty’s ability to open up the US market Benoit Defforge,...

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  • London Biggin Hill Airport

    Located just 12 miles from the city centre, London Biggin Hill Airport offers a choice of two FBOs, extensive hangarage, a six-minute helicopter transfer service to and from central London, and compre...

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  • Big Heart Tradition

    Manny Aviation provides ground support across Mexico and has plans to open its own FBOs. Interim OCC Manager Emilio Padilla Escoto describes the company on its 25th anniversary “A big heart is es...

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  • AEG: Thoughts on Fuel

    AEG serves business, commercial and government aviation clients globally, priding itself on industry-leading customer service and flexibility, as COO Chris Clementi explains Global aviation fuel pr...

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  • XLR Jet Centres: Birmingham, Bournemouth, Exeter and Liverpool

    Each of the four XLR Jet Centres serves an important UK airport. Distinctive in character and service offering, XLR is especially proud of its support to VIP government and military customers. XLR Dir...

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  • For Today and Tomorrow

    Established just over a year ago, 4AIR is on a mission to deliver verifiable, transparent and easily implemented sustainability, as President Kennedy Ricci explains Elsewhere in this edition, Gabri...

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  • Levels in Detail

    Kennedy Ricci provides an overview of 4AIR’s ratings framework Level 1: Bronze (Carbon Neutral Makes participants’ aviation activity carbon neutral by offsetting all their CO2 emissions with v...

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  • Service Unimagined

    Jet Luxe aims to deliver not just great service, but service so good that it surpasses customer expectations. CEO Gabriel Madrid spoke to EVA While it would be accurate to describe Jet Luxe as an a...

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