issue 33

Our cover, this issue, features Howard Guy, CEO of Design Q, the design lead on Aerion’s AS2 supersonic jet. That design win came about through the perfect combination of business acumen and design talent.

Another designer featured is California’s King of Bling, Michael Amini. Margie Goldsmith’s interview with Citation X owner Amini brilliantly charts his transformation from furniture salesman to one of the most sought after designers on the West Coast.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

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Featured in this issue

  • King of Bling: Michael Amini

    Margie Goldsmith’s HNWI article this month spotlights Californian designer and Citation X owner Michael Amini Michael Amini, known as the ‘King of Bling’, is Founder, President, CEO and Chief...

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  • Training gets creative

    Rick Adams looks at how training companies are getting creative about keeping the simulators humming The dramatic drop in oil prices and the scaling back of offshore oil and gas exploration has had...

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  • The sky’s the limit

    ViaSat Head of Business Aviation Services Strategy on the planned launches of ViaSat-2 and ViaSat-3 When it comes to designing satellite systems, ViaSat is hyper-focused on bringing enough capa...

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  • Wi-Fi: Don’t leave home without it

     John Wade, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Gogo Business Aviation, discusses record revenues and new products While 2015 was not a great year for many companies in the business a...

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  • Sounds right. Is right!

     Sound specialist Alto Aviation founders Don Hamilton and Steve Scarlata on getting cabin acoustics perfect for audiophiles For nearly 20 years now, ALTO Aviation, founded by ex-Bose sound engine...

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  • The heart of a modern cabin

    Avionics PGA’s Sales and Marketing Director, Marc Piaulet, talks about in-cabin HD streaming, lighting and aircraft seating Astronics PGA Avionics has been involved in innovative engineering and...

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  • Design Nobility

     Roger Soler Palau, Segment Manager, General and Business Aviation, AkzoNobel, talks to EVA about the challenges that come with the latest VIP design schemes Q: How complex are the latest VIP bus...

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  • No challenge too tough

     EVA talks to Mark Cancilla, PPG Global Director, Aerospace Coatings Q: How complex are the latest VIP business jet design schemes, and how much of a challenge are they to designers, paint houses...

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  • Giving performance to designer dreams

     EVA talks to Julie Voisin, Global Product Manager, Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings On 24 February this year the aviation paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings introduced a n...

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  • To be the best

    Air Service Basel CEO Claudio Lasagni on the philosophy that drives all aspects of his business Q: It is now two years since you last spoke with EVA. How have things been and what do you think the ...

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  • Rebranded ALOFT soars on

      ALOFT AeroArchitects President and CEO John Martin on the company’s rebranding from PATS Aircraft PATS Aircraft has built up an enviable reputation for engineering excellence down t...

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  • Faith in the future

     Comlux Aviation’s Arnaud Martin, Executive Vice President, Operations on the future of aircraft completions For many companies in the business aviation sector, 2015 turned out to be a disappoi...

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  • Skin deep beauty

     Chameleon Products founder Trevor Whetter on transforming boring surfaces into glorious finishes Q: How long has Chameleon been going for, and what do you offer completions houses? A: Chamele...

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  • In the air & in touch

    Michael Skou Christensen, Director of Business Development Asia for Satcom Direct International, on the company’s Global Voice and Text offering Q: Let’s begin with the latest offerings from Sa...

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  • Delivering on a promise

    Sami Samola, Manager of Business Flights FBO and Head of Apron Services at Finavia on what passengers want from an FBO Q: What is it that passengers and jet owners want from an FBO? A: The prima...

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  • Keeping momentum

    Michael Perodeau, Vice President, Marketing at Pratt & Whitney Canada on competitive thrust Q: The new year has not started well for business aviation. In mid-February Bombardier announced it w...

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  • New models just keep coming

     Tom Perry, Textron VP of Sales, Europe, on the company’s determination to keep bringing new models to market Q: We are now just about through the first quarter of 2016. What is your take on th...

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  • Positioning for the future

    Q: Bombardier has had quite a bit of negative press over the last year, with the various layoffs the company has made. What do you see as the positives? A: It is clear that 2015 was a very importan...

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  • Designed for speed

    Design Q CEO Howard Guy on Design Q and the INAIRVATION consortium winning the contract to design Aerion’s AS2 supersonic jet. In November 2015 Aerion Corporation, which is now well advanced in ...

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