November 2013

issue 24

Our cover story this issue features NEXUS CEO Abdullah Al-Sayed, talking about his company’s continued international expansion. We are delighted to be able to bring readers an in-depth interview with the entrepreneur Kenny Dichter, who talks about both his astonishing business career and his second venture into lowering the entry costs to business aviation for a whole new spectrum of passengers. Dichter’s Wheels Up, which launches in December in New York, not only gave Beechcraft its biggest ever order for King Air turboprops, 105 to be precise, it also opens up coast-to-coast US executive airplane travel for a vast army of smaller companies and families. We also feature an exclusive interview with Beechcraft CEO Bill Boisture in our OEM Special Report, as well as with Cessna’s Brad Thress, Gulfstream president Larry Flynn and Embraer president, Business Jets, Ernie Edwards.

Once again in this issue we have managed to highlight the extraordinary business acumen and entrepreneurial flair behind so many of the aviation sector’s thriving businesses. The features range from Jim Allmon’s calculated gamble when he launched Blackhawk, with him and his partners taking on personal guarantees for £25 million worth of P&W PT6 engines, to Mark Dankberg’s progression from a home-based satcoms business to launching his second $500 million plus broadband communications satellite, ViaSat-2. Our Avionics Special Reports look at how Honeywell and Rockwell Collins are taking avionics to new heights, no pun intended, and making flying ever safer and more pleasurable for pilots and passengers by blending natural with synthetic vision.

We’ll be rebranding in 2014, largely by shortening the somewhat lengthy title of Executive & VIP Aviation International, down to the simple abbreviation - more a persona than an abbreviation, actually – of EVA. We have some new content ideas for the new-look EVA so watch out for our Spring 2014 edition!

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Featured in this issue

  • Managing growth

    Interview with Abdullah Al-Sayed, CEO, Nexus Nexus Flight Operations Services was launched in 2010 by Abdullah Al-Sayed, one of the most experienced business aviation professionals in the Middle East...

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  • The art of going from local to global

    A conversation with Ernie Edwards, President, Embraer Executive Jets Click here for a Q&A with Ernie Edwards June and July 2013 saw Brazil in ferment. The joy of winning the right to host the ...

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  • Cessna  puts the lows of 2008 behind it

    Interview with Brad Thress, Senior VP, Business Jets, Cessna The recession of 2008 and the prolonged economic weakness that followed did Cessna few favours. As Brad Thress, Senior Vice President, Bus...

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  • Gulfstream

    An interview with the company’s President, Larry Flynn When someone is considering a very big ticket purchase, and business jets are nothing if not big ticket, they tend to pay particular attenti...

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  • Beechcraft: Phoenix from the ashes

    After the ruinous crash of 2008, the renamed company is back on its feet again In the boom years leading up to the 2008 global financial crash, leveraged buyouts were all the rage among the world’s...

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  • Blackhawk – Why engine mods work

    A talk with Blackhawk CEO Jim Allmon There are not that many low cost entry points to the aerospace game. But when Blackhawk founder Jim Allmon went back home after a chat with Pratt & Whitney an...

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  • Transforming the model in business aviation

    Taking a look at Kenny Dichter, CEO of Wheels Up What do T-shirt printing, tequilla distribution, sports music CDs, gyms and executive jet travel have in common? The answer? They all presented Kenny ...

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  • Jetcraft buys ExecuJet’s sales arm

    A conversation with Jetcraft CEO Chad Anderson In August, Jetcraft Corporation and ExecuJet Group announced that Jetcraft had acquired ExecuJet’s business aircraft sales division. The rationale for...

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  • Expanding in-flight services

    Mark Dankberg, CEO and Chairman ViaSat, talks to EVA There is no shortage in the US of entrepreneurs who made a fortune from businesses started off in their basement, garage or spare bedroom. But the...

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  • Forward march

    Special Report: Rockwell Collins Avionics Aircraft and avionics technology has made a steady, and in the last few years, dramatic, progression from the electro-mechanical instrumentation that was all...

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  • Q&A: The future of avionics

    Interview with Victor Valente, Vice President, Business and General Aviation, Honeywell Q: With the onward march of the glass cabin we are in a very different world from the old analogue instruments ...

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  • When scale matters

    ExecuJet has grown quickly since it began operating in the nineties but always emphasized a high level of quality in its offering ExecuJet began life in Europe in 1994, with a base at Zurich Airport,...

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  • Global parts Aero

    Interview with Troy Palmer, president and CEO, and Malissa Nesmith, vice president, COO One of the astonishing things about business is the way seemingly small opportunities can roll onwards and upwa...

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  • Cabin completions

    Interview with Jaime McGrath, Director, Cabin Completions, Rockwell Collins Producing a complete, hi-definition cabin management system, including in-flight entertainment (IFE) that is future-proofed...

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  • Connecting buyers and sellers

    Interview with Niklas Berg, founder and CEO, and Oliver King, managing director Looking at the iconic, huge, white-with-a-splash-of-green Avinode stand at EBACE 2013, it is something of a stretch t...

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