November 2012

issue 21

Advanced economies are at last starting (one hopes!) to gather momentum after the greatest financial crash since the Great Depression of the 1930s and that will be welcomed by all.

Having charted a course through the difficult years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the business and private aviation sector is well positioned to benefit from any upturn in Western economies.

Emerging markets hold out exciting prospects as well as challenges for the sector and we will be following developments in Asia and Latin America with great interest in the year ahead.

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  • Atlantic makes waves in Dubai

    Rani Awad’s fuel start-up has made rapid progress in its first year, establishing relationships in some difficult operating environments and now he is targeting the business aviation market Launchi...

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  • Added value fuels demand

    Economies of scale are important in the jet fuels market, but effective competition is about breadth of services, say leading suppliers As any salesman dealing with jet fuel knows, fuel is fuel. Comp...

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  • Fractional advantage

    Buying a part share of an aircraft makes financial sense unless you’re planning to fly hundreds of hours a year The correlation between demand for business jets and the health or otherwise of the g...

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  • Regional Report Asia: Powerhouses take off

    Business jet sales to China and India are set to surge as corporate and private wealth increases and bureaucracy is lifted, reports Martin Roebuck Investment bank Goldman Sachs defines a growth marke...

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  • Regional Report Asia: Beijing offers a smoother ride

    Restricted airspace, poor airport infrastructure and a lack of FBOs has held back China’s business aviation development, but the environment is improving fast China’s central government has set i...

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  • Regional Report Asia: India – a market in waiting

    Air Partner is pioneering a new approach by working alongside a local luxury travel specialist to meet the needs of prospective charter clients Charter broker Air Partner may use a strategic partners...

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  • Dormant market set to flourish again

    Despite poor infrastructure and continuing problems of illegal charters, Eugene Gerden sees a promising future for Russian business aviation The Russian business aviation outlook is steadily improvi...

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  • Is automation keeping us safe?

    Accident rates are down – but there are fears that pilots’ lack of stick-and-rudder training could lead to problems when the unexpected happens. Ian Putzger investigates The tragic losses of Colg...

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  • Honda’s high hopes

    It may have been long in the making, but the high-flying, spacious HondaJet is winning global admiration ahead of its debut next year Even in an era of instant communication, it is possible to develo...

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  • Paint makers go the extra mile

    Recent advances in paints and coatings are not only meeting the demands of aviation’s most demanding clients, but are taking care of the environment – and workers’ health For many business jet ...

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  • Broadening the base

    Maintenance companies have turned into providers of multiple services at multiple locations. And the market leaders have never been more in demand, reports Martin Roebuck Arrangements for maintenance...

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  • Champagne is a little flat

    GA airports around London benefited from the big summer of sport, but by less than had been predicted The surge in general aviation activity predicted by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and air traff...

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  • Ramping up in style

    In the wake of investment by several operators, Stansted is pushing hard to become London’s business aviation airport of choice This year has seen some serious FBO activity at London Stansted, with...

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  • Fixing a broken business model

    Stratajet says conventional flight quoting tools fall way short of requirements. Its new pricing engine promises a definitive rate in seconds, taking into account the 14 variables that can influence w...

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  • Alpine gateway bucks the trend

    Europe’s biggest business aviation market has struggled this year, but Lyon-Bron appears to have struck a winning formula and has ramped up its investment programme France saw a 1.7% increase in bu...

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