issue 39

This time around, among other adventures, EVA catches up with a London-based bespoke charter broker, Cypriot FBO and two classic lines of US piston aircraft, while examining Africa’s careful progression into business aviation and revealing the piloting ambitions of an extremely determined Irishwoman. It’s a global line up for sure, neatly summarising, by chance, the worldwide reach of business and executive aviation.

Our HNWI feature this issue, focusses on hotel and sports team owner, entrepreneur, philanthropist and documentary producer, Sheila C. Johnson.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

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Featured in this issue

  • Loving Life & Loving People

    Margie Goldsmith met hotel and sports team owner, entrepreneur, philanthropist and documentary producer, Sheila C. Johnson US entrepreneur and philanthropist Sheila C. Johnson focuses on the aren...

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  • The Grander Way From Biggin

    Offering a six-minute ride from London Biggin Hill into the heart of the city, the London HeliShuttle has expanded with the addition of a new AW109 Grand helicopter Launched little more than ...

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  • Design in Detail

    Sharing the detail with Christi Tannahill, Textron Aviation’s Senior Vice President Interior design and Engineering, and Embraer’s Vice President of Interior design Jay Beever A great busines...

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  • Danni Stoney’s Bizjet Odyssey

    Luxaviation UK Phenom 300 captain danni Stoney was Ireland’s youngest qualified pilot at the age of 17. Now she’s busily forging a career with global ambition Pilots in executive and busi...

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  • Fuel…And So Much More

    A dip into the worlds of US aviation fuel giant Avfuel and London Stansted-based Flightworx reveals a full tank of passion for delivering customer service Fuel is a fundamental requirement, r...

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  • Flight Operations System

    Touching on the dramatic possibilities of Rockwell Collin’s ARInCDirectSM Flight Operations System Connectivity, mobile devices and remote hosting have revolutionised flight operations, with eas...

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  • Serving Cyprus

    With Executive and Heads of State Lounges, Larnaca-based Skylink Services operates a thriving Cyprus FBO Skylink Services operates the only Cypriot FBO, at Larnaca, with a 1,600m2 Executive Termin...

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  • Mustard Stains & Diamond Crystals

    EVA examines the multilayered, multicoloured challenges and technologies of aircraft paint and coatings “An airplane might be sitting on the tarmac in 50°C heat, then minutes later it’s flyin...

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  • Connecting with ConnectJets

    [caption id="attachment_5988" align="alignleft" width="200"] Client: ConnectJets[/caption] ConnectJets founder and owner Gabriella Somerville shares her vision for the business, passion for the Av...

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  • Piston Plaything or Corporate Prop?

    Textron Aviation has the classic Cessna and Beechcraft lines of piston-engined aircraft under its wing. But are they serious business tools, or merely piston playthings? In October 1924, a gr...

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  • Into Africa

    The African Business Aviation Association is working hard to open the continent up to the far-reaching possibilities of business aviation Launched in May 2012 ‘to represent the interests of Afr...

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  • FBO Round-up

    EVA’s first look at changes and developments in the global FBO market ASIA Deer Jet, Sanya and Haikou, China Deer Jet has been granted IS-BAH accreditation for its FBOs at Sanya and Haikou...

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