April 2013

issue 22

It follows as night follows day that if you set out to meet and exceed the expectations of the world’s most sophisticated customers you are going to have to find a way of ensuring that your entire operation always delivers its A-game. Building a world-class FBO operation is a tough ask in any market and a number of CEOs we profile in this issue are masters of the art. These are businesses that other operations in many other sectors could study with profit since they specialise in the disciplines of building and sustaining top-quality customer services to a highly discriminating customer base.

Our Asia Special Report profiles some of the leading operators in this sector and provides some real insights into how this exciting market is developing. Today, most of the Asian market is all about big jets and competition at the top is fierce as all the manufacturers jockey for position. This is a space where you have to be 100% committed to succeed. As Hongkong Jet CEO Chris Buchholz comments in our profile piece, “We are going for this in a big way!” We also look at some of the structural reasons holding back the development of a light jets market (high FBO costs!) and at the prospects for the emergence of a secondary pre-owned market in Asia, with Jetcraft CEO Chad Anderson talking about his plans to capitalise on its inevitable emergence, and looking to sell pre-owned large cabin jets from Asia to the world and visa versa.

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Featured in this issue

  • Air Service Basel

    CEO Claudio Lasagni talks to EVA Q: Launching a new FBO facility is always a major enterprise. What led you to think of positioning Air Service Basel as a full service FBO? A: The original Air Servi...

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  • Brightening skies for charter

    After a dismal 2012 for many operators in the charter sector, much is expected from 2013. Richard Koe, one of the two founding directors of the aviation market consultancy WingX, says that while there...

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  • Why remanufacturing works

    EVA talks to Nextant CEO Kenneth Ricci As 2012 came to a close it was clear that Nextant Aerospace CEO Kenneth Ricci’s idea of remanufacturing Beechcraft 400A jets to produce a lower cost, competit...

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  • Hongkong Jet – Going for scale

    Hongkong Jet operates on a grand scale by comparison with other Chinese and Asian recent arrivals on the business aviation scene. Not many business aviation companies in China, or indeed, in Asia, cou...

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  • MetroJet expands

    A conversation with Hong Kong-based Metrojet CEO Björn Näf Q: Metrojet recently signed a joint venture agreement with Taj Air, part of the Tata Group, to establish Taj Air Metrojet Aviation in Indi...

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  • Far Eastern promise

    Jetcraft anticipates the growth of the pre-owned market in Asia Jetcraft has been in the new and pre-owned jet broking business for some 50 years. Having built up a solid base in the US, with custome...

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  • Engineering specialist diversifies

    TAECO launches VIP widebody completions business at Gaoqi International Airport The specialist heavy maintenance and aero engineering company TAECO, based at Gaoqi International Airport in Xiamen, so...

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  • Overcapacity in the completions market?

    When Lufthansa Technik was spun out of Lufthansa as an independent but wholly-owned business back in 1995, the aim was twofold. On the one hand the goal was to provide the business with an incentive a...

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  • Flying ahead

    Evergreen Apple takes a thoroughly modern approach to FBO services, by Anthony Harrington Driven in no small part by the global interest in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, the Lagos-based Evergreen A...

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  • Shannon Airport: innovation as the key to growth

    Shannon Airport is justly famous for introducing the world to the concept of duty free airport shopping, the foundations of which were laid down in 1947 under the Shannon Free Airport Authority legisl...

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  • Q&A: Finavia

    Q: What does it take to build a sense of comfort and a settled preference for a particular base among your customers, so that given a choice of airports to fly out of or into, your FBO operations will...

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  • Honeywell looks to extend its share of the CMS market

    One big company is looking to add the ‘wow’ factor Cabin Management Systems (CMS) may not make business jets go faster or make them that much greener, but by providing instant access to entertain...

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