Service Unimagined

posted on 22nd March 2022
Service Unimagined

Jet Luxe aims to deliver not just great service, but service so good that it surpasses customer expectations. CEO Gabriel Madrid spoke to EVA

While it would be accurate to describe Jet Luxe as an aircraft management and charter sales company, that simple summary fails to encompass the unique, experience-led product Jet Luxe offers its business aviation customers. Established in 2020, headquartered in Dubai and with offices in Hong Kong, Mexico, Morocco, the UK and the US, Jet Luxe founds its business on four primary service pillars, as CEO Gabriel Madrid explains.
“Those pillars are Fly Luxe, our luxury global jet charter service; AMS Luxe, our aircraft management service; the INVICTUS Partnership, our innovative guaranteed access programme; and Concierge Luxe, which is powered by the Forbes Travel Guide Global Service Standards of Excellence. Our ‘floating’ fleet comprises Global 6000 aircraft serving our global charter and INVICTUS clients. Other featured aircraft fall under Fly Luxe.”
The company has tackled several regular industry gripes head on, aircraft access, guaranteed service standards and pricing transparency among them. As the world adapts to cope with Covid, demand for business travel has expanded and remains high. Meanwhile, as airlines progress with their cautious recovery in parallel, demand on some routes is outstripping capacity, pushing even more passengers towards private flying. The result is that the ‘fly where you want, when you want’ ideal of private flying is sometimes compromised by a lack of aircraft capacity, an eventuality Jet Luxe has addressed through a guaranteed access programme, available exclusively to its INVICTUS Partners.
“The market has nothing like INVICTUS,” Madrid enthuses. “It’s not a jet card, fractional ownership, or a traditional membership. It is a new, niche, highly exclusive partnership with just four opportunities per jet. With INVICTUS, we pass on our significant buying power to the customer, providing access to a closed, private fleet without the financial commitment or depreciation risk associated with fractional ownership. We’ve meticulously developed the model to be completely flexible, dynamic and with guaranteed availability year-round, worldwide.
“The surge in demand for private travel has led to a lack of availability in the market. The availability of pre-owned aircraft is limited, traditional ownership has become expensive, and fractional ownership comes with the burden of depreciation. INVICTUS gives a sense of owning an aircraft without the cost of being an owner.”

Service excellence
On the subject of service standards, a tricky area in an industry where every operator is understandably convinced that it is the best, Madrid has more to say. “We recently implemented the Forbes Travel Guide Service Standards of Excellence to create Jet Luxe’s Standards of Service Excellence. Rolled out in January 2022, they cover our charter, aircraft management and global concierge service. This enhanced approach gives a guarantee of a highly quality-controlled customer experience and seeks to provide clients with a structure through which to measure quality. It’s not just about delivering what the customer expects – for us, it’s about leveraging our experience to predict a level of service they didn’t yet imagine.
“Jet Luxe is the only private jet brand with bases outside the US to have committed to the programme of Forbes Travel Guide service standards and service excellence training, making it a unique choice for well-informed travellers. Forbes Travel Guide is known for its ‘Star Ratings’ of luxury hotels, restaurants and spas, and brought its Five-Star hospitality approach to its work with Jet Luxe. So, we can confidently say our service standards are among the best.”
Jet Luxe is inevitably unable to have staff at every airport a chartered aircraft might visit but guarantees service standards by using carefully selected partners. In addition, Madrid notes: “Members of the Jet Luxe team frequently travel to assess and ensure our quality of service, while also developing the relationship with our partners.”
Meanwhile, in its drive for transparency, Jet Luxe offers an app for the owners of managed aircraft. “Our in-house app and reporting system, powered by Portside, provides instant, accurate, in-depth data. There are no ‘hidden’ costs and our clients have full access to our data,” Madrid proudly explains.
And on the critical issue of sustainability, he is unequivocal. “We take our commitment extremely seriously. Our accreditation with 4Air, the global standard for sustainability in business aviation, was one of our first major projects.”
Now, Madrid says, the next Jet Luxe development will be “a very exciting new move into the crypto space”. No doubt this will be accomplished with the attention to detail and careful focus on quality that has characterised everything so far in the young company’s history.