Sabreliner Service

posted on 3rd October 2022
Sabreliner Service

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Wyvern-registered My Corporate Jet is a family business with an unusual take on charter. Erica Lorenzo takes care of the company’s marketing and charter sales, and took a few minutes out to talk with EVA

You operate the Sabreliner and for me, EVA’s editor and an unashamed aircraft enthusiast, that’s reason enough to fly with you. Do you have customers who feel the same way? Do customers come to you for the Sabreliner experience alone, rather than the need to go someplace?
Yes, absolutely. We have a few clients that just love the Sabreliner. It’s a very reliable aircraft and the ride is very smooth. To my knowledge it is the only midsize commercial jet that can withstand up to 4g. It is also the only midsize jet approved for aerobatic manoeuvres, so it can do quite a bit.

I imagine that many people familiar with business jet charter know names like Gulfstream, Global, Challenger and Citation, but are less aware of North American and Sabreliner. How do you ensure the marketplace sees and understands your product?
This has been a challenge and an opportunity. Of course, anyone can Google the history of the Sabreliner jet, but through marketing and advertising I think we’ve done a fairly good job of getting the name out there. I have lots of information for people if they request it and we are very welcoming of anyone who wants to come by and take a look at the planes in person.

On the other hand, the charter market is booming, and many customers charter based on how many people need to travel, where they are going, and price. Does the Sabreliner compete well on those terms?
Price is our biggest selling point. The operating costs of the Sabreliner are very reasonable for its size. This helps us stay competitive.

You cover North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. That’s a lot of geography for two Sabreliners – do you have access to other aircraft? If a customer comes to you with travel needs for a group of 19 people, can you help them?
We do cover a lot of ground with the Sabreliner and yes, I can always help a customer find a larger jet, but it really isn’t cost effective for them to go through me. I have a network of brokers that I often refer people to if we are unavailable for a trip.

Yours is a family business. Does that affect the way you work with your customers?
I aim for the highest level of customer service. I communicate often and openly with brokers and passengers to make sure everyone is getting what they expect and need.

Your Sabreliners have refurbished cabins and connectivity, providing everything required from a modern business jet experience, but how long do you expect to keep them for? What’s the story behind you becoming a Sabreliner operator in the first place?
My father was a pilot for more than 70 years. He flew Sabreliners in the 1980s and 1990s and fell in love with them, as almost all pilots who fly them do. They are very easy to fly and very reliable, so when we started our air operator’s certificate in 2014 it was only natural that he would choose this aircraft to fly. I hope to continue using the Sabreliner for as long as the aircraft will allow.

You perform maintenance in house. Are spares plentiful? What about licensed engineers?
The Sabreliner uses lots of the same parts as more modern jets, so replacements aren’t too hard to find. We have licensed engineers who keep the jets in excellent condition and they’ll be flying for a long time.

What’s next for My Corporate Jet?
We are always looking to add to our fleet, whether it’s another Sabre or something larger. The sky’s the limit.