MAXimum Satisfaction

posted on 2nd October 2023
MAXimum Satisfaction

With three core models in its portfolio, Boeing Business Jets continues to satisfy and delight exclusive customers globally

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) offers customers a choice of BBJ MAX, BBJ 787 and BBJ 777X models. The 737 MAX-based BBJ MAX mirrors its commercial equivalent with MAX 7, MAX 8 and MAX 9 models and, like the BBJ 787, benefits from a depth of maturity and supportability built up in airline service. BBJ already has BBJ 777X commitments but declines to comment on delivery timelines for the newest addition to its portfolio.
By the end of May 2023, BBJ had booked orders for one BBJ MAX, two BBJ 787s and one BBJ 777X, with active sales campaigns underway around the world. In 2022, BBJ sold four aircraft, delivered two BBJ MAXs and saw a BBJ 777 into service.
Replacing the 777 in production, the next-generation 777X is scheduled to enter airline service in 2025. The BBJ 777X naturally replaces both the BBJ 777 and the BBJ 747, now that the ‘Jumbo Jet’ is no longer in production. Boeing, of course, continues to support BBJ 747 operators, as it does for the entire BBJ range, with global MRO.
Boeing Business Jets also offers support through Authorized Warranty Service Centers and Licensed Completion Centers. The former undertake warranty work and a wide variety of additional maintenance services, while the latter are available to furnish new aircraft. BBJ customers are, of course, free to choose an aircraft completed at a Licensed Completion Center or take it green and hire their own designer and completion centre.
BBJ maintains listings of independent designers and completion managers and while these do not represent a company endorsement, they are updated and present sound information for customers exploring the market. Among recent additions to the list, Natalie Rodriguez Luxury Design perhaps reflects changes in the traditional design landscape as aircraft owners become younger.
Boeing Business Jets serves a diverse group of customers, including heads of state, corporations and VIPs. With the BBJ MAX and BBJ 787 proven in service and the forthcoming BBJ 777X promising an attractive mix of space, technology and performance, BBJ will continue satisfying and delighting customers old and new.