Levels in Detail

posted on 22nd March 2022
Levels in Detail

Kennedy Ricci provides an overview of 4AIR’s ratings framework

Level 1: Bronze (Carbon Neutral
Makes participants’ aviation activity carbon neutral by offsetting all their CO2 emissions with verified carbon offset credits. These are used to finance projects that reduce CO2, including forest preservation in Kenya, clean wind-generated electricity in the upper Midwestern US and high-efficiency cooking stoves that reduce the wood needed for cooking in Africa, helping prevent deforestation.

Level 2: Silver (Emissions Neutral)
Enables participants to be fully emissions neutral, compensating for CO2 and impacts from other emissions with verified offsets.

Level 3: Gold (Emissions Reduction)
Enables participants to go beyond emissions neutrality to reduce their emissions by at least 5%, through solutions including using SAF or purchasing SAF credits.

Level 4: Platinum (Climate Champion)
Allows participants to support new technologies in aviation with a contribution to the Aviation Climate Fund, aimed at supporting research and development in aviation sustainability.