Inimitable Agusta

posted on 12th December 2022
Inimitable Agusta

Leonardo’s Agusta VIP helicopter brand is expanding its options and service offer, with Interior Moods, the Agusta for YOU service plan and a dedicated Agusta section in the Leonardo Customer Portal

With a global fleet of more than 900 helicopters carrying out a range of passenger missions, including private, corporate and VIP/government transport, charter and scheduled services, and a 40% share in the multi-engine VIP helicopter market, Leonardo is the global leader in the sector. The launch of the Agusta VIP brand in late 2021 confirmed Leonardo’s commitment to provide its private transport helicopter customers with distinguished characteristics and to stay at the forefront of the sector, with the fastest helicopters, the latest technology, highly customised solutions and configurations, and inimitable Italian style. Agusta is a brand that represents the values of Leonardo VIP/corporate customers and embodies their desire for excellence and quality – including during their flight experience.
Based on elements introduced by the A109 light twin helicopter in the 1970s and continued into subsequent successful passenger transport-configured helicopters over the years, the AW609 tiltrotor – which in a few years will become the world’s first tiltrotor approved for civilian use, initially in the US and later Europe and other regions – will become the highest expression of the Agusta brand. It will revolutionise point-to-point air travel, uniquely combining helicopter-like vertical take-off and landing and hovering capability with fixed-wing turboprop performance, including speed, range and altitude.
The new Agusta brand, extensively promoted at major business aviation events in Europe, Latin America and North America this year, updates its sought-after, distinctive look by adding more solutions and services, accompanied with technological advances. Plans for new Agusta options and services dedicated to VIP/corporate helicopter operators include the Interior Moods layouts, a new integrated maintenance service plan and a dedicated Agusta section in the Leonardo Customer Portal.
Interior Moods, initially created for the AW169, AW139 and AW189 helicopters, consists of three all-new layout options, inspired by the names of iconic cities. They are designed to allow customers to create their ideal environment, mirroring their personality while meeting their needs – from the sense of warmth, harmony and purity of ‘Florence’, to the juxtaposition of opposites like tradition and innovation in ‘London’ and the energy and passion shown by ‘New York’ with its cosmopolitan cross-fertilisation of habits and behaviours.
Leonardo’s design team, which has worked for years with customers around the world, has the expertise to advise clients on the perfect mix of features and high-quality furnishings for its helicopters, designing the exterior and interior to create a bespoke aircraft with a distinctive signature. Customers can enhance their flying experience by selecting seat configurations and options, colours, materials and moods, with technology at their fingertips. Every detail is brought to life through the finest Italian craftsmanship, creating an environment that expresses luxury, style and refinement.
The new Agusta for YOU service plan, developed specifically to meet the needs of corporate rotorcraft operators, is intended to increase aircraft availability and reduce inventory costs, while optimising expenses by covering both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of airframe/avionics components and other items. Types initially supported include the AW109 GrandNew, AW169 and AW139; the plan will extend to other platforms in the future. The package includes complete coverage for scheduled and unscheduled events, delivered when and where needed. It covers Agusta-branded helicopters for a five-year period or the specified maximum number of flight hours after delivery, whichever occurs first.
In addition, on the Leonardo Helicopter Customer Portal, VIP operators will have access to an area where they can check on the progress and status of their aircraft’s manufacturing and testing, with images and in real time.
Overall, these advancements are aimed at delivering exclusivity and making ownership and operation of an Agusta helicopter a true 360-degree experience from day one.