IACOBUCCI|HF Seats: the most exclusive mix of design and comfort

posted on 13th June 2018

13 June 2018 – Ferentino (FR), ITALY.  A sleek modern design and the use of premium materials, make  the IACOBUCCI HF VIP Seats the most exclusive choice for private jet customers. 

Unique products that exude quality and promise a premium flying experience whilst balancing innovation and progressive styling. The latest of the two seats has been developed enhancing the concepts expressed in the first prototype, designed with the collaboration of BMW Group DesignworksUSA, in order to respond to the different technical and styling needs of the clients.

IACOBUCCI HF Group worldwide leader manufacturer of galley inserts for commercial and business aviation, has recently created a new business unit in order to manage this exclusive product line, that boasts two different models in which comfort and design are blend together. The two new seats have been realized with extreme care to all details reflecting the real needs of customers and the latest seating market trend both in terms of product specifications, functionalities and options.  As a result of long pressure mapping tests the seats slim volume expresses lightness, intelligent cushioning communicates comfort and a meticulous attention to details arises from a great sense of innovation and quality. The product development was market driven with transparent and customizable options for OEMs.

The first one features a 23” seat width, a fixed track fitting installation, a wide and comfortable 45” backrest with personalized recline mechanism, including a 3-way headrest provides a wide range of adjustments: vertical, horizontal and tilting features, plus ear flaps enhance passenger comfort in rest position. The new VIP Seat guarantees maximum comfort with full fractioned drop-down armrest together with an extendable leg rest including a foldable manual footrest too.

<<The  project  team developed  a seat ergonomically  responding to the form of the human body. The mechanical 360° swivel enhance the useful space into the cabin while the light structure and the smooth movements makes it extremely lightweight and easy to be installed and maintained reducing operation costs>> – said Riccardo Palmeri  Iacobucci HF Group Marketing Director. <<Designed and developed with a customer-oriented approach, the VIP Seat can be customized to suit individual needs and fit a wide variety of cabin interior designs, providing the maximum flexibility and integration on board. >>

The second VIP Seat has entirely been realized in collaboration with DesignworksUSA, guaranteeing a right mix of technology, innovation and design to the market and offering the favourable conditions to conceive a premium seat design focused on the theme of perceived lightness. To enhance this concept the designers removed material from the armrest to emphasize transparency and openness and created an attractive shape featuring fresh, reduced and unique attributes.  The final design result is a graceful seat ready to enhance any aircraft interiors.

Featuring a single back rest structure with the seat height of 45-46” and 7” deployable and extendable leg rest, it guarantees maximum comfort and proper support of the body in various seating positions. A specific “cradle” recline mechanism with a seat plan tilt coordinated with backrest recline and a fully retractable armrest with friction drop-down movement convert the seat surface into a fully flat flawless bad. The headrest movement includes vertical, horizontal and tilting features. The seat includes a floor tracking mechanism feature to give passengers a more useful space. A slim backrest, a 21” seat width combined with a full berthing recline and drop down armrests in a light design concur to make the seat adaptable for business jets.

IACOBUCCI HF Group will exhibit at the greatest upcoming international air show, the NBAA (Las Vegas, 10-12 October 2011 – Booth N2526) and the Dubai Airshow (13-17 November 2011-  Booth E548).

IACOBUCCI HF Group, headquartered in Ferentino (FR) – Italy, is a worldwide leader, manufacturer and supplier of galley inserts. It includes the companies IACOBUCCI HF Electronics, IACOBUCCI ATS – Aircraft Trolley System, IACOBUCCI MK in Lecce – Italy, MGS AG a German subsidiary, supported by 17 international certified repair stations. With over 30 years of experience, its focus on research and development and its customer oriented approach, the Group represents excellence in engineering, manufacture, design and innovation of Espresso and Coffee Makers, Water Heaters, Trash Compactors, Trolleys, Seats and Ovens for commercial and business aviation. IACOBUCCI HF Group has recently created two new business units, one dedicated to the production of VIP Seats for the Business Aviation and the other one thought for the realisation of innovative solutions for non-aeronautical markets.

IACOBUCCI HF Group boasts experienced Catia industrial designers, highly skilled engineers, qualified craftsman who conceive and create state-of-the-art products achieving success as industry supplier in the electrical area of the galley. As proof of recognition for its high end quality and reliability products and its top class customer support, IACOBUCCI HF Group is the favourite choice among elite Airlines and private jet customers throughout the world.