DuPage Flight Center: Gateway to Chicago

posted on 10th December 2021
DuPage Flight Center: Gateway to Chicago

Located just one hour from the centre of Chicago, Illinois, DuPage Flight Center is a Phillips 66-branded FBO matching high-quality facilities with capacious ramp and hangar space. EVA spoke with General Manager Brian DeCoudres to find out more

Can you describe the DuPage Flight Center?
The DuPage Flight Center opened in 1993. We offer a full array of amenities and services, including upgraded passenger and crew lounges, concierge services, conference rooms, VIP facilities, Wi-Fi internet access, WSI Flight Planning, exercise facilities, gourmet catering, the on-site Kitty Hawk Café, courtesy cars, rental cars, and more than 30,000sqft of designated transient hangar space. Our executive FBO terminal is beautifully appointed with granite floors, stunning architecture and a luxurious lobby. Open to the public 24/7, we have on-site US Customs.

Who uses the FBO and where are they going?
With our Customs capabilities we have customers coming in and leaving from and to points all around the globe. Many travel for business since we have a large mix of industries in the area, while downtown Chicago is a big attraction for most passengers. Leisure travellers pass through DuPage to visit Broadway Chicago, to go ice skating in Millennium Park, see the Christkindlmarket, a Chicago Bull or Chicago Black Hawks game, check out the illuminations at Morton Arboretum, and more.

Most FBOs offer something their customers remember above all else. What does DuPage Flight Center do to make its visitors feel special?
Crews have come to love our DuPage Flight Center bags and t-shirts.

What facilities do you provide for your passengers?
Our passengers can have their vehicles valeted on the Flight Center ramp and line service will bring the vehicle to the aircraft upon their arrival. We also have gate access where the passenger just calls us when they arrive and line service opens the access gate. We have the ability to provide total privacy, including a VIP lounge that can also work as a small meeting area, along with two further conference rooms. The Kitty Hawk Café is open during the week, with views of our main ramp.

What facilities do you provide for your crews?
We work with more than ten hotels within a five-mile radius. Hilton Garden Inn and Marriott Courtyard are just a couple our crews enjoy. Our FBO offers a range of luxurious facilities, including a workout area, fresh Starbucks coffee, and a quiet and comfortable crew lounge for day trips or pilots needing a break on a long cross-country flight.

What facilities do you provide for aircraft?
DuPage Flight Center has in excess of 1 million sqft of ramp space for all general aviation aircraft. More than 100,000sqft of heated hangar space is also available, along with de-ice, anti-ice, water and lav services, oil, GPU and catering.
Your part of the world has some fairly extreme weather. How do you cope with it?
Winter takes a toll on the Midwest, with everything slowing down, but we take pride in ensuring all customer requests are met. The incredible snow removal operations here at DuPage ensure we remain open, even in the harshest conditions.

You are Phillips 66 branded. Why? And can we expect SAF availability soon?
We put out a sealed bid RFP for fuel supply services every five years and Phillips 66 has consistently been the most competitive supplier on price and customer support. Phillips 66 has always been reliable with our supply needs in the Chicagoland area, even in the most difficult times. SAF is coming and I believe will be here to stay once the supply logistics are in place for our area. I’m sure the DuPage Flight Center will have it as an option.