Big Heart Tradition

posted on 22nd March 2022
Big Heart Tradition

Manny Aviation provides ground support across Mexico and has plans to open its own FBOs. Interim OCC Manager Emilio Padilla Escoto describes the company on its 25th anniversary

“A big heart is essential for Manny Aviation employees, carrying on the tradition of our founder, Manuel ‘Manny’ Romero-Vargas Gómez de Parada,” says Emilio Padilla Escoto, Interim Operations Control Centre (OCC) Manager at the company’s Toluca International Airport headquarters. “They truly care about our clients. Many staff are customer services experts with particular application to aviation, and all are trained in operations and service delivery. This, combined with their agility and ability to react to the changing demands of private aviation, means we have a devoted team that our clients always value.”
‘Manny’ already had almost four decades of industry experience behind him when he formed Manny Aviation Services in 1997. Today, although Mexico has few FBOs, Manny has a presence in all of them, including facilities at Aguascalientes, Cancun, Toluca and Vallarta. Escoto also notes: “Manny is authorised to provide services on the general aviation apron at more than 60 Mexican airports that are without an FBO, and we are working towards opening our own FBOs.”
Around 70% of Manny Aviation’s work is in support of leisure and tourism travel, Escoto describing Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta as the ‘hotspots’, along with Mexico City. “The lion’s share of our clients are transient: they are not based in Mexico,” he confirms. Where it has agreements in place, Manny offers ramp parking and hangar space at numerous airports, while also enabling access to a full range of FBO facilities for crew and passengers.
For travellers with particular concerns, Escoto says: “All safety and security needs are met and coordinated, in advance, with the operators, either directly or in partnership with the customer’s international trip support provider. This includes direct and bilateral support as needed. Safety is paramount to Manny, not only in aircraft handling, but also in terms of crew and passengers.”
Yet Escoto reckons the service for which Manny is most famous is its outstanding, specialised catering. This particular expertise should come as no surprise since the company’s founder began his aviation career with a family airport catering business in 1959. In 2022, Manny Aviation’s 25th anniversary year, Escoto explains: “The catering kitchen is at Toluca Airport and we now also have our own restaurant inside the Asertec FBO, in Toluca. There, crew, passengers and airport personnel enjoy the fantastic tastes of a great, traditional Mexican meal.”
While good food sustains its clients, Manny Aviation also has an eye towards the bigger sustainability picture, although Escoto regrets that SAF is not yet available in Mexico. “However, as an NBAA member and active participant in other aviation organisations and committees, we continually review the implementation of fuel supply and sustainability and this will ensure we are involved in future SAF developments.”
In this anniversary year, the forward-looking team at Manny Aviation is also recognising its heritage. Escoto muses: “‘Manny’ Romero-Vargas was a true innovator. Now, we are moving the company into its next 25 years with our own trailblazing innovation and his heart and soul to guide us. We aim to embrace new technologies as we develop and expand our relationship with clients, partners, fuel suppliers and airport personnel, while simultaneously enhancing our trip support work and governmental/regulatory activity.
“Our daily focus on the smallest details is helping us reach our goal of being Mexico’s number one ground support services provider and maintaining that status for at least another quarter century.”