Introducing JetAssure by AirSprint: The Optimal Supplemental Lift Solution

posted on 28th May 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Introducing JetAssure by AirSprint: The Optimal Supplemental Lift Solution

AirSprint has expanded its service offering with a custom-made supplemental lift solution for whole aircraft owners and corporate flight departments. JetAssure by AirSprint launched this May. JetAssure provides full access to AirSprint’s fleet with the exclusive option to benefit from AirSprint’s purchasing power for the customer’s own aircraft. Participants in JetAssure will receive a turnkey, cost-certain supplemental lift solution that offers guaranteed access to the aircraft whenever they need it, fueled up, and ready to go.

We are excited to introduce JetAssure to Canadian corporate flight departments and whole aircraft owners who have until now been struggling to find the optimal partner and supplemental lift solution,” said James Elian, President of AirSprint. “As the Canadian leader in Fractional Aircraft Ownership, AirSprint is uniquely able to provide an all-encompassing private aviation solution that combines guaranteed access and pricing, aircraft and use flexibility, and meaningful cost savings for existing aircraft owners.”

With over 20 years of private aviation experience, AirSprint is uniquely positioned to fill the gaps that can exist with whole aircraft ownership. JetAssure participants will no longer experience downtime due to mechanical failure, scheduled maintenance or pilot availability. Nor will they succumb to the costly headaches of repositioning their aircraft along with avoiding the struggles of needing their aircraft in two places at once. Participants will have access to North America’s newest and Canada’s largest fleet of fractional aircraft.

How Does JetAssure by AirSprint Work?

With JetAssure by AirSprint, participants have guaranteed access to the fractional fleet of aircraft with 24 hours’ notice, anywhere in North America. There is a two-year aircraft lease commitment, with a deposit that is fully refunded at the end of the term. The lease deposit and overhead fees are proportionate to the number of hours the participant would like to fly during the term; shares begin at 100 hours and increase in increments of 50 hours. Hours can be used at any point in time during the two-year lease – no black-outs or restrictions. Participants will benefit from fixed pricing with no fluctuation in costs; this will allow for predictable pricing and budgeting.

JetAssure participants only pay for their time on-board; there are no additional costs for positioning or one-way flights. Finally, participants will also have access to AirSprint’s purchasing power for their own aircraft, significantly improving their overall economics.

JetAssure by AirSprint Highlights:

  • Guaranteed access, anywhere in North America, with 24 hours’ notice;
  • 24/7 support with a dedicated Personal Flight Concierge;
  • Zero black-out or reserve calendar days;
  • Option to upgrade or downgrade – get the right jet for the right mission;
  • Locked-in pricing for the two-year term;
  • No positioning, hold fees, crew costs, etc. (one-way flights involve no position fees);
  • Access to AirSprint’s Purchasing Program for their current aircraft – 10-50% discount potential;
  • Access to AirSprint’s Empty Legs – flights at 50% off.