Increasing Demand for BLR’s Performance Systems Continues

posted on 14th October 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Increasing Demand for BLR's Performance Systems Continues

Demand for BLR’s advanced performance systems for fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft continues to grow despite the global pandemic.

Through the first three quarters of 2021 BLR Aerospace has surpassed their sales targets across all product lines, offering certified performance and safety enhancements to their global customers. 

Additionally, BLR remains focused on bringing even more performance enhancing products to market including the Winglet system for the King Air E90 and early C90 fleets as well as the 5-bladed Whisper Prop system for the Beech 1900C/D, model 99 and the King Air 100, all scheduled to be FAA certified by 2021 years end.

Increasing demand has created limited availability for BLR’s Whisper Prop and Winglet systems; BLR encourages those interested to contact BLR or one of its authorized Dealers regarding availability.

“The team at BLR is working to increase the availability of our performance enhancing systems to operators worldwide,” said Mike Carpenter, President of BLR Aerospace.

“Despite increased demand and supply chain challenges we have kept up with our delivery commitments.

“We are also grateful for the positive recognition we’ve received throughout the aerospace community for our performance enhancing system and are proud to continue our partnership with the world’s most innovative aircraft propeller company, MT-Propeller.

“And we know when operators fly with BLR’s advanced performance systems it will be love at first flight.”

 “Our goal was to significantly reduce cabin noise and change the flight experience in our King Air,” declared Darrel Whittaker, operator, and recent purchaser of the BLR Whisper Prop for the King Air 90.

“I’ve had people on the ramp notice how quiet they are, and I can now fly the plane with the old handset and cockpit speakers without a headset.

“The quietness and smoothness of these props is jet like, I now must close the Cockpit partition if passengers want to enjoy a private conversation because I can hear everything they’re saying from the cockpit and vice versa.

“And I’ve noticed I have less fatigue flying with the upgraded props. Simply put, I want the Whisper Props on any King Air I fly.”