IASO Becomes an Accredited International Organization from ICAO

posted on 9th December 2019 by Eddie Saunders
IASO Becomes an Accredited International Organization from ICAO

During the ICAO 218th council session held on November22, 2019 in Montreal, the Chairman of the ICAO council has presented a paper to the council – which is constituted of 36 permanent members’ countries, asking for recognition of IASO International Aviation Services Organization among the list of organizations invited to attend official meetings of ICAO. 

The council has accepted this recommendation and  IASO has become an accredited ICAO organization effective November 22, 2019. IASO will be included in the list of international organizations that will be invited to attend suitable ICAO meetings as an observer.

Mr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu Chairman of ICAO council has mentioned in his paper presented to the permanent members that the following IASO attributes have been taken into consideration for ICAO accreditation:     

IASO is a non-profit organization, registered in 2016, with the main objective to organize, educate and improve the aviation services industry through collaboration,  best business practices and speaking with one voice for all services  providers to ensure credible representation for all IASO industry. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with a number of regional offices in different countries states, including Canada (Montréal), Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, and others, the Organization provides a forum for consultation on industry issues for aviation services  companies worldwide. There are two sub-organizations that fall under the umbrella of IASO: International Fuel Services Organization (IFSO) and International Handling Aviation Organization (IHAO).

IASO aims at improving the understanding of aviation services industry among decision-makers, regulators and providers, as well as at representing and supporting business interests at all levels around the globe through greater integration and networking among all its members, to ensure the proper recognition and incorporation of ground handling services under one umbrella so that ground handling remains a vital part of the aviation infrastructure, supporting the systematization and integration of aviation services worldwide.

In terms of governance, the strategic overview of the services is developed and controlled by IASO’s Board of Directors. The Executive Committee (consisting of the Chair of the Board, the President, the Secretary/Treasurer and the Technical Director – one of them being selected as Executive Director) performs such duties and exercise such powers, as may be determined by the Board, including by delegated authority while the Board is not in session. In addition IASO has dedicated Technical Committees in different areas of expertise, operations, and capacities, responsible for the development and implementation of pertinent guidance. The primary sources of funding for the Organization are the membership dues in conjunction with the multiple technical conferences that take place throughout the world, as well as partnership programs available for IASO members.

As a forum representing the needs of ground handling companies and presenting them in international safety events, IASO assists in the implementation of ICAO Standards by ground operators. IASO helped the ICAO Aerodrome Design and Operations Panel (ADOP) to develop Standards to reduce ground incidents and reduce hazards with ground handling equipment. IASO participates in the ICAO Competency-based Training and Assessment Task Force, delivering relevant contributions to the development of guidance material. It introduces ICAO TRAINAIR standards to ground handling operators and promotes ICAO’s TRAINAIR PLUS programs. While the history of its collaboration with ICAO is not long, IASO could further provide extended support in the area of ground handling aviation services, considering the fact that air operators increasingly outsource ground operations, contributing to the representation of the industry through one organization rather that individual observer companies.

Munir Kahlifa

The IASO was established by founder and Chairman Munir Kahlifa, cofounder Samir H. Al Asadi, CEO Capt. Samir Sajet and a board of directors with international experience. It began operations in Dubai in September 2015 to support the interests of aviation services companies all over the world. On May 23, 2016, it was officially registered as a nonprofit   organization in Geneva, Switzerland. The IASO has five regional offices: Gothenburg, Sweden; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Montreal, Canada; Orlando, Florida; and Cairo, Egypt. The IASO strives to advance common industry practices, solve challenges, and improve collaboration and mutual understanding between key decision-makers, providers, and other regulators of the aviation services industry. Its goal is to create strong industry representation worldwide and shed light on the benefits of aviation to both national and worldwide economies.

Commenting on the ICAO council decision, Mr. Munir Khalifa the Founder and Chairman of IASO said: “We are very proud and appreciative to the Chairman of ICAO council and the council members for their trust and support. That said, we are very determined in IASO to work towards the improvement of the aviation services industry, using best business practices and speaking with one voice for all services providers to ensure credible representation for all IASO industry members”.