Honeywell acquires autopilot specialist TruTrak

posted on 25th July 2019 by William Hayes
Honeywell acquires autopilot specialist TruTrak

Aerospace system manufacturer Honeywell has announced its acquisition of privately held TruTrak Flight Systems, which specialises in autopilots for light-sport aircraft.

Honeywell will incorporate the business into their BendixKing division, delivering technology to the experimental and general aviation markets, which have grown by double digits in the last five years.

“TruTrak is a natural fit with BendixKing, and this acquisition opens up an exciting new market to us,” said Carl Esposito, president, Electronic Systems at Honeywell Aerospace.

“It provides great technology at affordable prices, which is central to BendixKing’s business. Furthermore, adding TruTrak to the BendixKing family will attract new talent, foster collaboration and help us identify new ways to bring value to our customers.”

TruTrak owner and CEO Andrew Barker will join the BendixKing team to offer his expertise on the experimental market and help them to adopt his company’s autopilots.

TruTrak engineers will be following him to BendixKing to ensure the stability and function of the autopilot technology, which has sold over 15,000 units since TruTrak’s inception in 1999.

“Honeywell and BendixKing’s capabilities in the aerospace industry will accelerate the continued development of the products TruTrak has built from the ground up,” said Barker.

“Their vision for autopilots aligns with ours, and personally I am very excited to join the BendixKing team and use the extensive resources now available to us to continue forging the future of autopilots.”