Honda Aircraft Company makes first ever Hawaii delivery

posted on 2nd July 2019 by William Hayes
Honda Aircraft Company makes first ever Hawaii delivery

Honda Aircraft Company has announced its first ever Hawaii delivery, of two HondaJet Elites, to the start-up charter company Wing Spirit.

The Hawaiian company plans to use the light jets for inter-island charter travel, air ambulance services and also as a tool for supplying aviation education opportunities throughout the islands.

“We are looking forward to revolutionizing the business aviation industry in Hawaii with the HondaJet,” said Wing Spirit executive v-p and COO Sal Miwa.

“We are confident the aircraft’s unrivalled performance and comfort will help us to provide our customers with exceptional experiences.”

The HondaJet is the first light jet to enter service in Hawaii and now has a worldwide fleet which stands at 125 aircraft, making it the most delivered aircraft in its class for the second consecutive year.

“The HondaJet’s superior performance and comfort is well-suited to serve Hawaii’s population of 1.4 million residents and 10 million annual visitors by providing convenient transportation between heavily trafficked islands,” said Honda Aircraft Company President and CEO Michimasa Fujino.

“When creating the HondaJet, my goal was to design a technologically advanced aircraft that would improve the lives of customers around the world.

“Wing Spirit using HondaJets for lifesaving transportation and as a method of convenient transit between islands is true recognition that the aircraft is achieving that goal.”