Heron Aviation Announces Technology Services Agreement with AVIM Group

posted on 23rd April 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Heron Aviation Announces Technology Services Agreement with AVIM Group

Amidst a wave of acquisition activity, Heron Aviation has announced the conclusion of their formal service agreement with infrastructure & cloud services provider AVIM Group (www.avimgroup.com).

AVIM Group will support Heron Aviation with an integrated technology back-end that will consolidate infrastructure and centralise processes across the recruitment spectrum, bringing the entire crewing pipeline under one roof. With marked visibility and control from end-to-end, AVIM Group’s backend services allow Heron Aviation to cut down recruiting times by an order of magnitude.

Consistent with a close relationship between the two entities, Heron Aviation additionally announces integration into the AVIM software suite as Launch Partner for their flagship product, The AVIM Clearinghouse.

With product integration at such an early stage, Heron Aviation has acted early to secure the wider array of support services and benefits inherent in a launch partner relationship.

Put simply, we are investing. Especially in times like these, we want to look five, ten years down the line. We are asking ourselves: What investments we can make now to ensure that we are a robust organisation prepared for growth? How we can scale up our processes while maintaining our boutique approach? A back-end from AVIM Group is a big step forward.” said Accountable Manager Heron Aviation, Martin Helbling.

He added: “It’s a very sophisticated company. I have seen some of their infrastructure and it’s quite sophisticated. There are some sharp minds at the firm, and they have been very good to us.”

Naturally as Launch Partner we have a bit of a role in determining that vision and can help shape the direction of the company. We’re excited for that and we know the industry needs to be prepared for the rebound that is coming. We’re excited to help shape this with AVIM Group and play our part.”