Global AVX launches dedicated aviation online auction platform

posted on 10th November 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Global AVX launches dedicated aviation online auction platform

Bidders and/or their acquisition consultants, are then given access to the Global AVX secure data rooms where they are encouraged to examine the aircraft specifications and relevant documentation including airframe logbooks, flight manuals, interior manuals, maintenance tags, and technical information about the engines which are supplied by the broker. Buyers remain anonymous, the auction is automated to ensure fair bidding, and lasts for a period of two days to ensure all genuine global bidders have the opportunity to participate. The sale must complete within two months of the auction taking place.

We want brokers, owners or operators to see this as a viable medium which extends their global capabilities for aircraft transaction activity. We are focused on helping them achieve the deal no matter where the aircraft is parked.  Our aim is to seamlessly integrate into  the business aviation community with our innovative new technology platform,” explains Global Sales Director, Stephen Kelly. “Our process also eliminates the tyre-kickers and ensures the aircraft for sale are qualified by professional data reports. In essence we are a Software as a Service platform  enabling aviation transactions between willing buyers and sellers at prices determined by peer to peer interaction.”

Based in Dublin Global AVX now boasts a team of 12 experienced professional aviation experts defining, refining and evolving the platform.

We are extremely excited by the potential for Global AVX now and into the future. We’re providing an independent global medium where aircraft transactions can be conducted in an efficient and transparent way. We are all adjusting to our new normal and one of our ambitions is to streamline buying and selling aircraft as the more transactions we can generate the better for the industry overall,” concludes Kelly.