GKN Aerospace participates in Bristol Technology Show Case

posted on 31st October 2019 by Eddie Saunders
GKN Aerospace participates in Bristol Technology Show Case

Paul  Perera is the VP of Technology and Innovation in GKN Aerospace and brings customers to understand how technology is driving differentiation, and looks as disruption in the future aerospace market. Paul has been working in our four Global Technology Centres to generate a business aligned technology strategy that brings the best of open innovation together, building on a collaborative environment.

The UK Global Technology Centre in Bristol, opening in 2020, exemplifies this co-creation model, working with industry across sectors, with supply chain partners and academia and supported by government. Its focus is on Composites, Additive Manufacturing and Automation using digital manufacturing (including Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Mixed Reality). Bristol Technology Showcase (BTS) will focus on emerging technologies and themes encompassed in the 4th industrial revolution and what they mean to businesses.

The event has an impressive line-up of speakers and GKN Aerospace will host a discussion on how the future landscape of Aviation is about to be disrupted with a focus on sustainable aviation and the future of electrification and Paul will be joined many other industry leaders debating various issues on the day.

Speaking about the event, BTS Founder Nick Rutherford said “We’re delighted to be bringing a new discussion to Bristol and locating it at the home of Concorde. The speed of technological change is so quick today and it’s only going to get faster, exponential change is upon us. It’s wonderful to be able to host an event with some amazing technology companies, speakers and wider businesses and allow delegates to experience some of these technologies first hand. Great Bristol businesses, amazing technology and the ability to showcase and demonstrate them, it’s going to be a great day.”

GKN Aerospace’s VP of Technology and Innovation Paul Perera said: “it is exciting to be delivering a vision for future flight in the home of Concorde for 50’years and consider how the pace of technology can deliver another iconic technology progress and protect the environment with the goal of Net Zero emissions before 2050.”

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased here.