GetJet: Covid-19 Essential travel advice map

posted on 19th May 2020 by Eddie Saunders
GetJet: Covid-19 Essential travel advice map established in 2017 as a Marketplace for the use of Business Aviation Professionals (Operators and Brokers) mainly.  Optimizing sales of Operators(airlines) empty legs through direct API feeds from scheduling software into GetJet’s IT solution search engine.

Alexander Koninsky

The Co-founder Alexander Koninsky, following the lockdown directives from several countries, understood the difficulties one faced in gathering reliable information in an efficient manner of who could travel between countries due to all the restrictions. Having seen the lack of information and how time consuming it was to actually establish information, he immediately created a task force team within GetJet to create what was released on the 28th of April – The Covid-19 Map.

The map is updated regularly as and when new information is received by each country. With the daily changes this is very important, especially now with the easing of the lockdown restrictions in several countries

People from within the industry will appreciate having such a tool as it has many advantages:

– reducing workload for operators, who would normally have many queries from either direct customers or the global broker communities.

  • Brokers will appreciate this too as they have one centralized source of information and need not wait for replies from operators with the relevant queries.
  • Passengers, as they will get the information that they need quicker and hence the decisions will also be easier and quicker to make

The map and its content are available to all and we trust that our contribution to kick starting travel again, shows our industry has not remained idle but continues to thrive on development and improvement.