General Aviation Services Jet Center (KCXO) Undergoes Remodel

posted on 4th September 2020 by Eddie Saunders

Even the smallest details were planned with the customer in mind, as all electrical plugs were replaced with outlets featuring USB ports so guests can plug in and recharge wherever they like.

“We’ve been a customer-focused FBO at Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport for 35 years,” said Chad Herdrich, General Aviation Services Jet Center’s owner. “Knowing that atmosphere is most certainly an important aspect of customer service, it was time to modernize our amenities for a more user-friendly experience.”

Beloved by the local aviation community for its family atmosphere and the kind of service unique to a “mom and pop” operation, the General Aviation Services Jet Center team looks forward to welcoming all guests to its refreshed facility to fly, fuel, talk aviation and plane watch together.

“We truly run a unique operation at General Aviation Services Jet Center,” said Herdrich. “Our customers are our family—they’re welcome to come in and just enjoy the airfield with us whenever they like. And when they’re in need of aviation services—whether it’s a quick turn or a longer stay—we’re always on the ready to provide safe, expedient care for planes, pilots and passengers. It’s down-home hospitality at its finest, combined with unmatched professional experience at CXO.”

As an Avfuel-branded FBO, General Aviation Services Jet Center provides customers with lucrative rewards with AVTRIP and competitive prices with Avfuel Contract Fuel. In addition to contract fuel, customers will benefit from transaction ease when using the Avfuel Pro Card at General Aviation Services Jet Center with the ability to put everything—fuel and non-fuel items with or without a fuel purchase—on one transaction, avoiding processing fees.